Sad news, Tomb Raider GO and Himan GO series won’t have a sequel

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Square Enix owns one of the lines puzzle game unique and of the highest quality on the mobile gaming market, including Lara Croft Go, Hitman Go and Deus Ex Go. However, the company Japanese games announced that it will simultaneously stop developing Go series games.


Square Enix representative Patrick Naud said the main reason for this decision was the shrinking of the high-end game market. As the number of free games is increasing, the quality is getting higher and higher, the players are increasingly afraid to try the paid games.

More specifically, Mr. Naud said that gamers can still pay for in-game items, but they only want to pay for the games they have experienced. This perception of choice makes the price tag of 5 dollars for a game too much. Meanwhile, Square Enix’s Go games are on sale for $4.99 on the Android and iOS app stores, with an 80% discount on Android.


The Go series fired the first shot with Hitman Go back in 2014, turned Hitman’s assassination stalking gameplay into a strange and engaging puzzle game. Right after that is Lara Croft Go Released by Square Enix Montreal in 2015, the game is considered a perfect fit with both the adventurous spirit of the original game and the new puzzle genre. Finally Deus Ex Go released in 2016 with a lot of positive reviews, although not as famous as the previous two games. The series has helped Square Enix receive countless awards and expand its influence to many other platforms. Hitherto Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go has been ported to PS4 and Vita.

In addition to discontinuing the Go series, Square Enix will continue to develop mobile games.​

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