Rules of Survival update 11/21, open tournament Asia mobile version

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Rules of Survival officially opened a new update on November 21, the game Download Rules Of Survival began to organize the Asian tournament on mobile, this promises to be the toughest battlefield to challenge gamers. . You can turn on the device to automatically update the system.

Many interesting new points will be in the update Rules of Survival 11/21. Not only that, the game Rules of Survival is also optimized and corrected a lot of errors from the previous version, which will give you a smoother experience.

You can read the rules of survival 21 11 first stage of the game asia mobile

Download the game Rules of Survival new version on 11/21

1. Maintenance time

Maintenance time: 5:00 am to 8:00 am on 11/21/2018
Note: Maintenance intervals may be longer than expected.

Highlights in the Rules of Survival update 11/21

2. New content

– Open tournament (test version) server Asia mobile.
Every night warriors participate in matchmaking, based on achievements to calculate points, the warrior reaches the top 10000 in the ranking every week will get GB.
– GB can be used to withdraw rewards or exchange cash (temporarily not opening the redemption feature).
– Changed the GP feature, changed to the Bomb Place feature, for a lot of Rocket RPG, Grenade Launcher, Grenades… to the map.

You can read the rules of survival 21 11 first stage of the game asia mobile 2

Download Rules of Survival – a shooting role-playing game from NetEase

3. Optimize the experience

– Ghillie Island map adds Rocket RPG and Rifle ACR, Fearless Fiod slightly increases the number of Rocket RPG.
– Added Rocket RPG Supply Box. New Supply Box in addition to Rocket RPG and Rocket RPG Ammo, also contains Lv3 Helmet, Lv3 Armor, Ghille, one of the 4 premium items of Heart Potion.
– Optimized the Bag, shrinking the bag interface to expand the field of view. The tabs in the bag adjust to items and fashion, all items including healing items are placed in the Items tab, character outfit images are placed in the Outfit tab.

3. Interface optimization

– Optimized the profile, the warrior can go through the small menu after clicking on another warrior’s avatar to enter their profile.
– Increase the speed of creating new images after entering the personal page
– Collapse Medals, enter Medals again to open the interface, The Medal Mission’s Altitude will not change according to the number of missions.
– Optimized the login interface, when logging in, the system will default to the selected server and display character information at the corresponding server in the server selection interface.
– There will be a battle reminder icon in the Receiveable Quests section of the Rookie Training Camp.

5. Bug fixes

– Fixed bug when buying Lobby theme – Future display of purchase limit will now go directly to VIP interface.
– Fixed a bug where quests couldn’t be completed after reaching level 70 in Training Manual – Beginner’s Camp.
– Fixed the bug with the number of prizes in the intro of the Colored Eggs activity.
– Fix page transition error of H5 . game ads
– Fixed some unusual bonus bugs in Birthday activity
– Fixed translation error in Birthday interface

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