Rules of Survival Mobile: Instructions for playing 8×8 maps (part 1)

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1. Controls & Settings

With the 300-person map, you need to react faster than usual. If you have not yet adjusted your controls, what you need to do is adjust the buttons displayed on the screen to suit, convenient and feel most comfortable for you. One advice for you is to open the dodge mode that can help you a lot in getting cover points and attacking the enemy. In addition, when entering the Advanced Settings section, you have 3 choices. Like the previous part, we encouraged you to use Advanced Mode and this part remains the same because it gives you more flexibility when aiming. If you yourself find another setting that you feel is right for you, use it. As for driving, we used to encourage the use of D-pad style, but in this new map we encourage you to use Sports Mode.


2. Costumes

We highly recommend you to use skins that are the same color or color as the surroundings because it will help you a lot when crawling and avoiding being detected by other players. Although colorful and unique multi-wear is very nice, we do not recommend it as the best choice when it comes to survival.

3. Skydiving

With this new map, we have a big change when there are 2 different 2-way flying planes, each with 150 players. Always avoid centers or intersections, try to jump to the edges of the map. For this map of 300 people, skydiving is also the most important skill because if you are slow, you will probably die as soon as you hit the ground because there are a lot of people around you and they are likely to have weapons. pre-gas is very high. Therefore, when choosing a place to land, we should avoid airplanes passing by. If the plane flies over the center area, try to fly as far as possible in the areas around the map where there are fewer players jumping.


4. Grounding locations:

The first important thing is always to avoid “hot spots”. For the Fearless Fiord map, it’s Area 42 & Hero Ridge, where the planes are. A lot of players want to own the plane first and since this place has weapons, this is a pretty dangerous place if you want to keep your life and avoid fighting. My advice if you don’t play “yolo” but want to save your life is to jump in areas far from the flight path, or if possible, find yourself a car or a boat to go to places. safer. When the distance yourself feels is safe, you can loot freely without having to take precautions.

5. Tactic:

If you want to survive, you need to be alert, unnecessary fights. Because even if you’re confident you can take 1, other people can hear and know your position. That will be a huge disadvantage for you. So every decision needs to be carefully thought through. Only fight when you feel that there is no better choice than to fight. In addition, it is also not advisable to fight while outside the circle because the players in the ring will know your position and camp out, then you will have 2 obstacles that are both running and being moderate. fight.


6. Stealth:

In Fearless Fiord, if you want to keep your life, you should hide and find a place to always find a cover. Moving from one area to another is also very easy to detect because the number of players is extremely large, so the tip is to move sitting so that it can be more difficult to be detected. There is a fairly reasonable and useful way to play that is close to the circle. Only move when a new circle appears. And standing at the edge of the circle you can look outside the circle, only moving into the middle of the circle when you feel there are things that can cover you. When there are about 30 people left, you need to open the map to see the circle and predict where it will get there first, find yourself a good location before others do it.

For now, try to apply the above survival tips in the battle Rules of Survival Mobile with an extremely attractive update this afternoon 28/2. Don’t forget to wait for the guide to survival tips part 2.

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