Rules of Survival 2/1 update, adding new features and control manipulation

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Rules of Survival opened a new version on January 2, 2019, players continue to experience many interesting games with wall jumping and new ability to manipulate skins, Rules of Survival game through updates in the version. This will help players play the game smoother and more convenient.

Immediately experience the New Year 2019 opening version of Rules of Survival with many innovations in features and in-game manipulation capabilities.

please update the rules of survival 2 1 add new essentials and exercise specials

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1. Maintenance time

Maintenance time: 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on January 2, 2019
Note: Maintenance intervals may be longer than expected.

Highlights in the Rules of Survival update 2/1

2. New content in Rules of Survival 2/1

– Add wall climbing feature: When facing the wall and clicking the jump button will automatically activate the wall climbing action, which can overcome walls that were previously impassable.
– Add a button to turn off the wall climbing support feature in the settings, the warrior can turn off the wall climbing support feature at Settings – Manipulation.
– Set other actions – Support climbing wall, after turning off, the warrior can climb the wall normally, but without pressing the advance button will not automatically climb the wall and if it is far away from the high wall, it will not automatically climb high front wall; This feature is off by default.
– GP Arena update, this week’s mode is Blade Wars, which will drop multiple Shortguns and Shields. Also there are no vehicles in the GP arena and the circle shrinks faster.
– Supplies – Fashion, Supply – Guns, Supplies – Vehicles added a feature to display supply content. The left side of the supply interface will display 6 skin icons that can be obtained in Supply, the warrior clicks to see the skin.

3. Optimize the experience

– Added image quality settings: After the maintenance, the 4 picture quality levels will change to 5 levels including excellent, elite, balance, good, speed. Also adjust the default image quality for each model.

– Select shadow change to 5 categories: ultra high quality, high quality, medium, low quality, no shadow. At the same time, adjust the default shadow for each type of machine.

– Optimized the FPS reminder feature, if the average FPS of a match is lower than the monitoring index, the system will remind to reduce the image quality when the warrior returns to the lobby, clicking confirm will also reduce the quality image and shadow quality.
– Optimized Enchanted Flower: Expanding the music range from Enchanted Flower, using it when attacking the house will have a more obvious effect.
– Optimize wall climbing feature: Optimize wall climbing movement and sound.
– Optimized the image in the new version of the map, adjusted the color, reduced the level of glare.
– Optimize music playback: Add an on/off button at the preparation area.
– Optimized bag display feature: Warrior can set up different bags for men and women.
– Reconnection optimization: shorten reconnection time after connection loss.

please update the rules of survival 2 1 add new features and exercise 2

Download Rules of Survival – the new version on January 2 has many attractive things for gamers

4. Error correction

– Fixed the bug of creating new cars in Death Race.
– Fixed bug where daily dynamic task could not be completed using new version mode.
– Fixed a bug where some players didn’t receive their Christmas vouchers

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