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Although Dota 2 is not a highly configurable game at the moment, there are still many computers that need to increase Dota 2 FPS when playing, especially in skirmishes with many skill effects at the same time. develop for a while.

As you know computer configuration to play Dota 2 can be difficult about 3-4 years ago and as a result there are many players who cannot play Dota 2. At that time There are many ways to increase FPS Dota 2 different to make it more accessible to players. However, until now, when the computer configuration for Dota 2 has been met, there are still many problems, there are quite a lot of effects from eye-catching items or skills that are deployed at the same time. The cause of FPS drops when playing Dota 2.

dota 2 fps

In this article, let learn how to best increase Dota 2 FPS, but remember that you must meet its minimum standards first.

What is FPS? FPS in Dota 2 how much is enough?

FPS is an acronym for Frame Per Secondmean display frames per second. You can understand that the more moving frames our eyes can see in 1 second, the smoother the image will be. That is, the higher the FPS, the smoother the game will be, and there will be no annoying frame jerking.

In the game Dota 2 to be able to play smoothly we You need at least 60 FPS, 60 FPS is also a common level for many games including shooting games. Of course, the higher the shooting game, the better, and the standard of shooting games is much larger than 60 FPS. To achieve 60 FPS in Dota 2 is not difficult if you know what the following settings in the game do?

Instructions to increase FPS Dota 2

As you know in Dota 2 there are a lot of Settings in the game, to increase Dota 2 FPS we need to know which effects should be turned off or on in case your computer is not powerful enough to maintain 60 FPS. in Dota 2.

Step 1: When entering the game Dota 2, you notice on the left corner of this game there is an icon Settings. Click on it so we can start setting up Settings in Dota 2.

dota 2 2 fps

Step 2: In the Settings section, click on the Video section, here we will see the interface divided into 3 parts Resolution, Options and Rendering. These are the 3 important parts to help you increase Dota 2 FPS.

dota 2 3 fps

Resolution section:

Basically the Resolution section focuses on setting the screen ratio as well as the resolution in the Dota 2 game. Of course, here we should choose Use advanced settings and edit it to make the most reasonable.

Aspect Ratio: This is simply adjusting your screen ratio, currently Dota 2 supports 3 ratios: 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10. Usually the computers in front of the Net shop as well as the home are 16:9.
Size: The resolution of the Dota 2 game corresponds to the maximum resolution of your computer, recommends that you do not set the screen lower than the maximum to increase FPS Dota 2 because it will be very bad.
Display Mode: Display mode included Full Screen (full screen) Windows mode (Window screen) Borderless Windows (Border screen).
-> As suggested by as well as most Dota 2 players, then Borderless Windows is the best choice for you to play Dota 2 as well as limit the Alt + Tab to go out and then click again, then it freezes.

dota 2 fps

Options section:

The Options section has only 1 option, but you must pay attention if you want to increase Dota 2 FPS, which is to adjust the graphics based on the platform. Direct3D 9, 11, or Vulkan. Basically, dx11 is definitely better than dx9, but the foundation of dx11 will have to eat more than dx9.

– With Vulkanthis is a graphics-based platform developed by Valve, this graphics API is also better than dx9.
– With OpenGLa very familiar graphics platform, although it is not used much in Dota 2 because it really still has a lot of bugs.

-> If your computer has a high configuration, then Direct3D 11 is a good choice or Vulkan is not a bad idea. If not, then Direct3D 9 is always the number 1 priority today.

Rendering part:

fps dota 2 5

The Rendering section includes the effects displayed in the game, it will determine whether you can increase the FPS Dota 2 or not through the above effects. Of course, if your computer is extremely powerful, you do not need to pay much attention to this part. And to increase FPS Dota 2 we have to choose Use Advanced Settings.

Animate Portrait: This feature allows the avatar of the character to be animated.
Anti-Aliasing: Anti-aliasing in Dota 2, this is quite heavy not only Dota 2 game but many other games.
Addtive Light Pass: Additional lighting effects in Dota 2.
Specular: Dota 2 specific trait effects for each object.
World Lightning: Set lightning effect throughout the game.
Specular and Light Blooms: Create light effects, blur for the scene in the game (this is also quite heavy).
Ambient Occlusion: Ambience in the game.
High Quality Water: Display water graphics including rivers and lakes in the game.
Normal Maps: Graphics mode for all Maps in Dota 2.
Atmospheric Fog / Caustics: Effect related to the fog in Dota 2.
Ground Parallax: Graphics of the ground, grass in the game.
High Quality Dasboard: Parameter table, ratio with high graphic quality.
Ambient Creations: Detailed Creep graphics in the game.
Ambient Cloth Simulation: Graphics simulate scenes, character images in the game.
Vsync: Synchronize images from VGA output to the screen to avoid image tearing.
Tree Wind: Wind effects on tree objects in the game.
Grass: The detail of the grass in the game.
Texture Quality: Quality of detailed display of objects and scenes in Dota 2.
Effects Quality: Quality of effects in the game (This is quite heavy in total combat)
Shadow Quality: Quality of shading in the game (Pretty heavy in the game).
Game Screen Render Quality: % shows graphic quality. This affects all effects, with weak computers, 90% – 95% is fine.
Maximum Frames per second Allowed: Allows displaying the maximum frame of how many FPS. Whether high or low, you should leave it at 120 FPS.
-> With this section recommends that you limit the items that we note are heavy, with computers with weak configurations should remove them all and leave only Anime Portrait and Texture to Medium. Render Quality should also be 90 – 95%.

How to display FPS in Dota 2

Instead of using external tools, even in Dota 2 we can also display FPS to know if our computer is meeting the 60 FPS standard. About how to do it, you just need to go to Options > choose To Advanced Options.

dota 2 fps

Right here you pay attention to the part Miscellaneous and let’s enable Display Network Information.

dota 2 fps

In the Demo in the game you will see the FPS being displayed is 113, fluctuating 100 – 120 FPS.

dota 2 fps

But when you enter Combat and use the skill you will see the difference when the frame drops to 66 and luckily not below 60 FPS.

fps dota 2 9
Above is a guide to increase Dota 2 FPS, through the article on, I showed you how to increase Dota 2 FPS as well as explain the effects in the game, which not everyone pays attention to when playing Dota 2. To be able to increase Dota 2 FPS, in addition to setting in the game, we also have to do a lot of other things such as speeding up the computer with software tools or speeding up the computer by upgrading the hardware itself.

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