General classification in Dota Auto Chess in detail

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To better understand the types of generals in Dota Auto Chess, the following article will help you familiarize yourself with the chessboard strategy game that is attracting a lot of attention today, understanding to come up with reasonable tactics, win.

Dota Auto Chess is a new game mode developed on the platform Dota 2 As attractive as the official version, this Dota Auto Chess game has a highly difficult and completely complex tactical system that has impressed the gamer community.

details in dota auto chess

Details of each champion in Dota Auto Chess

Detailed classification of champions in Dota Auto Chess

1. Races and Genres

In this real-time strategy game, there are a total of 55 generals and are divided into 13 Clans (Species), 10 Classes (Classes) including:

– 13 Races (Species)
+ Beast
+ Demon
+ Dragon
+ Dwarves
+ Element
+ Elves
+ Goblins
+ Human
+ Naga
+ Ogre
+ Orcs
+ Troll
+ Undead

– 10 Systems (Class)
+ Assassin
+ Demonhunter
+ Druid
+ Hunter
+ Knight
+ Mage
+ Mech
+ Shaman
+ Warlocks
+ Warrior

Each Race and System in Dota Auto Chess provides different buff effects and is divided into many ranks, each champion can belong to 2 to 3 different systems, possessing separate skills. They possess extremely diverse combat skills and can effectively counter the opponent.

Dota auto chess details 2

2. Dota Auto Chess champion details

To activate any special skill (aka buff) of any champion, it takes 100 Mana. The mana of each character comes from basic attacks, from skills when attacking opponents or being attacked. Therefore, the price of each respective type of army brings different effects.

Dota auto chess match details 3

Dota auto chess details 4

Dota auto chess match details 5

As mentioned above, each champion can belong to 2 to 3 clans and the best example is Dragon Knight (Human Dragon Knight). Along with the division of Clans and Attributes, we also bring you useful evaluations of each Hero, divided into different levels from low to high as F/C/B/A/ S/S+. Winning or losing in a strategy game will depend mainly on the Hero you use and what strategy you use.
Thus, Taimienphi has just listed in detail the types of generals in Dota Auto Chess, races and systems for players to understand from which to draw up reasonable tactics to win. If you are a new player then 7 Tips for Playing Dota Auto Chess Our new gamer game will help you get better tactical gameplay at every stage of the game.

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