Romantic love story “hate what heaven gives” of the couple VLTK Mobile

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Love stories, whether in reality or in the virtual world, always have countless beginnings and endings, no one knows in advance when it will come and go. Just like the super cute love story of the couple Gamer Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile down here. Although the two’s first impressions of each other were not very good, even during the solstice every time they met. But in the end, they gradually become indispensable pieces in each other’s lives.


The two main characters mentioned in our story are Duc Trinh and Ngoc Khanh from server 456. Sharing his romance on the VLTK Mobile group, Duc Trinh said that he and his girlfriend are in two different states. enemy, “cursing each other like dogs and cats, in the game it’s not enough to get facebook, zalo to curse again, still not enough to drive from Gia Lai to go to An Giang to meet and curse”. However, the two eventually fell in love and became a couple. And of course not as romantic and sweet as many other couples, Duc Trinh and Ngoc Khanh are still playing games every day, cursing each other like squeezing lemons.


Coming here, many people will immediately think of the phrase “hate what God gives” when listening to the sharing of the love story of a young couple. And that makes that story even more lovely and memorable than ever. A large number of members in the VLTK Mobile player community couldn’t help but admire, admire and also not forget to send happy wishes to our two gamers.


Surely gamers of VLTK Mobile are too familiar with fairy-tale “virtual world – real love” stories like this. And no matter where it originates or how it begins, we still hope that all of our couples will always keep the full fire of their love to go together to the most fulfilling destination!

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