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The Three Kingdoms Renaissance Game is a cooperation project between Jianyou Technology from China and THIENBAO ONLINE GAMES in the SLG game genre that exploits the theme of the Three Kingdoms with 3 historical forces: Wei – Shu – Wu and famous names illustrious general. The following Three Kingdoms Renaissance game reviews will help users better understand the content, gameplay and outstanding features of the game.

Still the familiar historical background of the Three Kingdoms, still the legendary generals admired by later generations, but combined with the unique SLG gameplay, the original authenticity from the plot. Here is the post review game Renaissance Three Kingdoms detail,

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Review of the game Three Kingdoms Renaissance in detail

1. Introducing the Three Kingdoms Renaissance game

The Three Kingdoms Restoration simulates the original historical plot of the Three Kingdoms, a mission to conquer the camp in a large-scale battlefield. The game has a massive store of generals, full of models of martial arts generals of the Three Kingdoms period, there are many different activities for you to recruit generals. The gameplay of the Three Kingdoms Renaissance is more about the ability to arrange a free battle, using a variety of strategies in the PvE and PvP arenas full of fire. Players will be surprised and amazed to see extremely realistic battles, like you are being transported back thousands of years ago.

2. Review of the Three Kingdoms Renaissance game

2.1 – Realistic reproduction of the historical context of the Three Kingdoms

Not only the theme, but the plot and the weapons in the Three Kingdoms Renaissance are modeled originally from the Three Kingdoms period, the large-scale barracks system on the previous wars all appear authentic. The game’s changing day and night system is synchronized with reality. Looking at both the details and the overall, the game is carefully elaborated on the image, highlighting the difference in the defensive strategy of the Wei – Thuc – Ngo Cat forces in different areas in the world. Three Kingdoms. In addition, the locations and battle contexts compared with the original historical books recorded in the Three Kingdoms period are also simulated quite accurately.

Good luck with the three kingdoms, the game is very good

2.2 – Huge stock of generals, diverse models and strengths

In the revival of the Three Kingdoms, you will meet again with Guan Yu, the holy spirit, the peerless Lu Bo, and the very familiar Bang Thong scheming books. This store of champions can be recruited through the Tavern, received for free through Achievement milestones, activity series or completed Quests. These quality generals will lead powerful armies to attack the surrounding strongholds with the ambition of expanding their territory. Generals also play an important role in dispatching troops, moving at the right time, understanding the military situation where the enemy is attacking.

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2.3 – Freedom to deploy troops in battle, using all kinds of tactics

The levels of Strongholds, Passes, and Borders between the factions have all been regulated in terms of scope, so players need to have a reasonable attack strategy, from outside to inside to promote efficiency. Each gamer is free to show his talent in controlling the general to go to the final victory and achieve his goal. The Three Kingdoms Renaissance game also requires each player to upgrade their structures to be able to collect resources, gradually increase the strength of their army, perform difficult tasks in any location. which point. The basic turn-based combat mechanism in a symmetrical style is also the highlight of the game.

The famous family of the three kingdoms

The three Kingdoms Renaissance game reviews above have shown you some of the best attractions of the game, from the gameplay to the realistic depiction of history, here, download the game and enter the code to play.

3. Link to download the Three Kingdoms Renaissance

Link download game Renaissance Three Kingdoms:
– Download link Restoration of the Three Kingdoms for Android
– Download link Restoration of the Three Kingdoms for iPhone

4. Game Code of Renaissance Three Kingdoms
Please follow our general article on the Three Kingdoms Renaissance game code along with instructions for receiving the code, entering the code to get maximum support when playing the game.

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