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I am the boss is a business simulation game for women, where you will transform into a small boss, with nothing in your hands, starting from nothing, overcoming all challenges to become a business owner. rich Southern Tang. The article reviewing the game Ta is the Boss Mobile will show you more clearly the outstanding attractions of the game, the unique features of the content and gameplay of this ancient game.

Business-themed games are very rare in the game market, only counted on the fingers. I’m Mobile Mistress is one of them, the game realistic simulation of the ancient context with busy business activities. Here are the Review the game I Am the Boss Mobile detail.

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Review game I Am The Boss Mobile

1. Introducing the game I’m the Boss Mobile

I am the Mobile Lady that recreates the vivid context of ancient business activities with equally fierce battles in the marketplace. Street scenes are bustling with shops representing the most prominent industries of ancient China. Players will transform into a representative of the business class, starting a business to create their own fortune, from a small boss to a big boss. The business development, calculating the way to move, what to trade, what to sell, who to cooperate with… are all decided by you and will make you a famous businessman.

2. Rate the game I Am Madam Mobile

2.1 – Attractive antique business simulation game

The bustling urban centers of old China have become very famous, you can see it in the vividly reproduced movies, images that are still admired by generations to come. And in the game Ta is the Mistress of Mobile, you will be transported back to the old days with the incarnation of a small mistress, experience the business of doing business, you must be very flexible and resourceful in negotiating to negotiate. acquire the most valuable resources for you. Your goal is to develop your business career making many people admire, a lot of rewards and rich resources are waiting for you.

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2.2 – Realistic and vivid re-enactment of ancient Chinese historical background

The image of busy and colorful streets is vividly reproduced through 8 major industries, especially in the game with the appearance of modern items such as soap, perfume, mirror, garment… playing I am the Boss Mobile will be participating in a diverse copy system, each copy is a task to challenge you. “Buy with friends, sell with wards” you will need the help of talented people in the business field on your way to success. The association and recruitment of companions is extremely important, you will meet businessmen from Nam Duong, Bac Luong, Dong Di, … helping you to take care of the shop and goods.

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2.3 – Fierce competition in the market

In addition to cooperative activities, you also experience the nature of “market like a battlefield” with fierce fighting in all aspects, there will be dark intentions to harm you. Your business strategies will determine the outcome, skillful treatment in the market will help you overcome the obstacles in your way. Let’s constantly cultivate experience for yourself, create the most powerful business empire to stand up to all storms.

In addition, the game Ta is Madam Mobile also provides an impressive store of costumes such as silk dresses, accessories for you to create a graceful appearance, beautiful makeup for your role of mistress.

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The review of the game Ta is Madam Mobile will help you see the most prominent features in the content of the game, promising when the game launches, it will create a fever for gamers.

3. Link to download I am Mistress Mobile

Download the game here to play with friends

– Download link I am Mistress Mobile for Android
– Download link I am Mobile Lady for iPhone

4. Game Code I am the Mistress Mobile

The codes I am the Mobile Lady will also be updated by TAIMIENPHI.VN to players, maximum support for the path to becoming the richest businessmen.

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