Rename TalkTV display, change name on TalkTV

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Changing the display name on TalkTV or changing information such as your avatar, date of birth, etc. helps you refresh your image and make it easier for your friends to recognize you on TalkTV. If you are not sure how to change the TalkTV display name, please follow the article below.

TalkTV application is an application that supports live streaming and live video playback, which is very popular today. You can use TalkTV to watch a gamer play a game to learn or listen to songs sung to you directly by your idol (idol). Even if you intend to broadcast live videos, live stream games or perform cultural performances, you should change the name easily to remember, for the online community to notice and easily recognize.

Change display name TalkTV, change display name on TalkTV

Step 1: If you don’t have the app yet TalkTVproceed to download and install TalkTV

Step 2: Use account Zing or Facebook yours to sign in to TalkTV. On the main interface of the application, left-click Avatar your.

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Step 3: In the window Basic information There will be some personal information about you such as TalkTV name, Gender, Birthday, etc. To change your TalkTV display name, click on the pen icon in your TalkTV Name box.

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Step 4: On the dialog box Change name TalkTV you enter the new TalkTV Name and press Check out the new name See if anyone has taken your name yet. If a green message appears This name is authorized to use means you can use this name and press Change to change the name.

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Step 5: Return to the Personal Information window. Continue pressing Confirm to complete the step of changing the TalkTV display name.

current talk show on talktv

Step 6: On the main interface screen of the live video streaming application, live stream TalkTV you will see that your display name has been changed.

current talk show on talktv
Thus, Taimienphi has guided you fully and in detail how to change your TalkTV display name, thereby helping you to set a nickname, a special name to help your friends and the online community easily recognize you. If you are new to TalkTV and you want to go to chat rooms to listen to TalkTV idols perform, see the tutorial on how to enter TalkTV chat rooms.

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