How to edit backlight in Photoshop

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Performing backlit editing in Photoshop is one of the effective ways to help you beautify your travel photos that are unfortunately backlit and can’t see your face clearly, so the steps to edit backlit photos are correct. How to do it, please follow the content in the article.

Surely any of us have traveled with a bunch of selfies or taken with friends and loved ones. But one of those photos is backlit. You can’t see the features on your face as well as everyone in the photo, so the backlight correction trick will come in handy.

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Tips for editing backlit photos in Photoshop

If there was a way Adjust backlit photos on your phone with Snapseed application, the following article will help you to backlit your photos with Photoshop software.

How to edit backlight in Photoshop

Step 1: Open the image file to be edited backlit. Press Ctrl+J To duplicate your photo, choose the blend mode Screen same picture:

save light with photoshop

Step 2: If the photo is still dark, keep clicking Ctrl+J to multiply that layer as many times as you like:

change dark photos to light in photoshop

Step 3: The backlit editing process comes here, your photo background may be overexposed, then you click the icon Mask on the layer frame and using soft brush tool with black background color paint over the area Background overexposed areas on the image that you want to underexpose:

Edit photos that are too bright in photoshop

Step 4: If you are still not satisfied, you can order Layer Mask for the layers below and do the same Step 3here are the results:

backlit photo editing in photoshop

And here is the final result for our work after successfully correcting the backlight:

Edit photos that are too bright in photoshop

Above, we have shown you how to edit light and dark photos with Photoshop software, so you get more perfect photos after editing backlit. If you are using Photoshop CC 2020, please refer to how backlit correction with Photoshop CC 2020 here.
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