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Perfect World or English name is Perfect World, a classic role-playing game on PC about last year, has announced a mobile version in cooperation with the Chinese game giant to launch in the Chinese market. This news has definitely made people crazy because it can now be experienced on mobile.


Recently, after a lot of news and teaser images from Tencent, this game was officially opened for registration on August 24, attracting many players to participate. Perfect World has been so successful with the PC version of the game thanks to its advanced graphics technology, and it is the perfect stepping stone to the game on the mobile platform.


In the mobile version, the game will still keep the 6 classic character classes of the PC version, and of course the graphics will be completely built using the most advanced technologies today, giving players an experience as attractive as the original version. PC, along with the classic aerial combat that makes people fall in love with the PC version. So after a long time of hiding, Tencent has officially brought this product to the players. Now hurry up and register!

Registration link: http://wmsj.qq.com/

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