COD Black Ops 4 will have a bank robbery mode

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New game mode of COD Black Ops 4 is a tactical challenge that doesn’t allow regeneration, hit in rounds, place a claim to successfully steal a bag of cash in front of the opposing team, then return it to a designated point. In the last week the game versions on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC have been updated Black Ops 4 closed beta version. Although “Heist” has nothing really groundbreaking compared to games of the same genre, it proved especially suitable for Black Ops 4.


Developer Treyarch first introduced this game mode through a livestream on Thursday, describing it as a fun team game mode, with competitive elements. Formerly the brand COD which used to have many team game modes like “Gun Game”, “One in the Chamber”, or “Sticks and Stones”. Compared to them, “Heist” proved to be more competitive and “less fun”.

In “Heist”, each team must find a way to win each round by either stealing the money bag, or destroying the entire opposing team. This is not easy to do in practice, because each team does not have the right to revive members. However, instead of dying instantly, the character will be put into a locked phase and can respawn if teammates approach quickly enough. While locked, the character cannot use guns but can only crawl around helplessly. If hit by 1 more bullet or just 1 punch, the character will also die immediately.


“Heist” also removed some of the typical features of Call of Duty. Here each character starts with $500, a pistol, and limited armor. All other things like guns and additional items need to be purchased yourself. Points are calculated by the number of kills, the number of assists, or the achievement of winning each round. These points are immediately converted into in-game money. In addition, there are some high level items hidden behind lower level items, gamers need to purchase low level items first to be unlocked. For example, if you want to buy an acoustic sensor, you have to first spend $500 for the Scavenger, then $1,000 for the Flak Jacket, and finally $2,000 for the Tactical Mask and Acoustic Sensor.

Most items continue to be used after many rounds, but there are also certain types of equipment that only work once. Since it is not possible to buy everything, this is really a tactical plus for “Heist”.


Spending money is important, but the decision in the first rounds is even more important. Every gamer needs to really consider questions like “Should I buy my first gun? Or save money to buy better ones?”. Some people decide to save $500 and play with the pistol for the first round only, then buy the $1,500 rifle for the second round.

The same goes for buying disposable items, gamers must consider whether to go full or save $6,000 just to buy one attack from a helicopter. The new shop system really offers a lot of options.

The game mode itself is quite similar to “Search and Detroy”, including competitive levels, non-respawn mode, round-by-round, an offensive team and a defensive team. However, it can be seen that this game mode is very difficult to play randomly without dialogue. The members need to talk to each other to avoid silly “stepping” phases in buying things.

In general, this may not be a game mode for casual gamers, but should be for gamers who love the tense, tactical, non-revival mode. “Heist” is expected to officially appear in the official version of Black Ops 4released October 12.​

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