PUBG’s anti-cheat will block the ReShade software

PUBG's anti-cheat will block the ReShade software

One of the frequent complaints about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is that the colors in the game are too dull. PC players used third-party software, including ReShade, to make the colors more vibrant. Now, the team behind PUBG is working hard to ensure fairness in the game.

The popularity of Battlegrounds has caused hackers to break out in the game. PUBG Corp. did what they could. The studio banned thousands of people, worked with the Chinese government to arrest the creators and spreaders of hacks, and integrated a systemic solution: a replay mode to let players automatically report evidence. up if they see something unusual. It seems, the next object of PUBG will be ReShade.

ReShade makes the game come to life, but it also means that the enemy will be more visible on the screen. This means that players using ReShade will have an unfair advantage.

In the past, the creator of PUBG, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, has accepted the use of ReShade and will not be banned. But in a forum post dated January 30th by the development team, it appears that ReShade will be dropped.

“We are testing the new anti-cheat solution on the test server this week and it will block hacks more effectively,” said PUBG community manager_RoboDanjal. “It will block third-party software that change the gameplay and graphics in an outrageous way. ReShade is one of the pieces of software that will be blocked.”

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