PUBG officially welcomes the rocket launcher field

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Updates third in season 6 of PUBG was released on March 18 on PC servers after a week of testing. Update 6.3 only slightly changed in content, most notably the appearance of rocket launcherin addition to a few balance adjustments.

Missile launcher Panzerfaust only appear on the Karakin map. The gun will occupy a main weapon slot, although it has a slow rate of fire, the destructive power is spread over a radius of 6 meters. Panzerfaust is the “unusual” item of the map, but can always be found in airdrops. The rocket launcher is a single-use item. In addition, Panzerfaust also has a post-explosion effect, anyone behind the player using this weapon (within a radius of 3 meters) will take damage.

Patch 6.3 also brings some weapon changes, where the M249 turns into a “rare” item instead of an airdrop exclusive. To offset the availability of the M249, PUBG Corp has reduced the starting ammo to 75, reduced base damage to 40, and increased recoil. However, players can adjust some of the above stats with the help of new accessories and an expanded magazine with a total ammunition capacity of up to 150 rounds.

The Tommy gun has also been tweaked, with increased accuracy, rate of fire, and reduced recoil. Players can even attach Red Dot and Holo Sight scopes to the Tommy gun. The UMP-45, which is obsolete since converting ammo types with Vector, is also buffed: damage increased to 41 and fire rate increased.


In addition, 6.3 also brings a number of environmental additions such as a new pulse effect to highlight collectable items and a Blue Zone tone to make it easier for players to notice while in combat.​

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