Pubg Mobile – World domination survival game

After a lot of mess and spending a lot of paper and ink from the press as well as major game sites, finally PUBG Mobible also became one of the “spectacular subversive”, “game world ruler”, “best survival game” and countless other titles when asserted its position.

Not only humiliating his biggest rival, Rules of Survival, but this survival shooter continuously achieved impressive achievements, breaking all the records that previous titles were once thought to be. can never be defeated (Pokemon Go, Empire, Minecraft or Vo Lam Truyen …)

PUBG Mobile – The best survival shooter in the World

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile for iOS

PUBG Mobile for Android

To illustrate this, many numbers have been statistic, according to which:

Everyday, survival game Tencent’s revenue is from 700 to 800 USD / day. This is not a small number and never before have any product with such a short time of appearance Pubg Mobile.

Play with friends in Pubg Mobile

The total monthly revenue of the game is also more than 30 million USD, in particular, 75% of this revenue (about 25 million USD) comes from a feature – Royale Pass. It can be said that this feature has really become a stepping stone, bringing PUBG to a new level and creating a spectacular breakthrough with the remaining competitors.

According to another preliminary statistic, only for the World game market, PUBG Mobile has reached 10 million plays per day (including China is about 14 million / day).

If you have to compare with its current heaviest competitor, perhaps PUBG Mobile is second only to Fortnite, however, it should be remembered that Tencent’s Pubg is only officially available on the App Store and Google Play with the National version. The first sacrifice is on March 19, 2018. Epic game Fortnite is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms since July 25, 2017.

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To be even more daring in its grounded bragging, Tencent recently released its revenue information, Tencent cleverly released a shocking infographic. In particular, the company shows that PUBG Mobile players have traveled a distance equivalent to 170,000 times around the Earth (about 7 billion km).

Pubg Mobile player statistics

The average time a player plays in the game is 14.2 minutes (from the start of the game to the point of being defeated), the average distance one person gets beaten by another is 39 meters … There are also many another staggering number that no one would expect.

This miniature version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has surpassed 100 million downloads on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems and is slowly working towards bringing PUBG Mobile towards professional eSports.

It is not yet known what future Pubg Mobile will change or add, but the latest version PUBG Mobile LITE for Android It is also a mark, another remarkable point of Tencent when “please” users and released another Pubg mobile version, which is smaller, lighter, lighter but still retains the outstanding features of the version. origin.

I do not know if there will be another game that can do or even surpass Pubg Mobile or not, but at least at this point, we are still experiencing a very cool mobile survival shooter. quality and making the best game in the world today.

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