PUBG Mobile: The best tips to win the top 1 in the game

Although PUBG Mobile was just released not long ago, almost all gamers already have a certain understanding of this Battle Royal style game through the original version on PC. However, to be sure of your victory in the game and become the last survivor, gamers will need more than that.

To help gamers, today has gathered 10 PUBG Mobile tips to help you easily win the top 1 in PUBG Mobile, please follow them below.

PUBG Mobile: 10 best gaming tips to easily win the top 1 in the game

1. Stay away from hot spots on map

PUBG Mobile

With 100 people in each PUBG Mobile match, on a map with an area of ​​8×8 km, you will be chosen to jump off the plane at any time and get off anywhere. However, the “hot” spots on the map such as military zones or schools are places with many large “resources” and are a lucrative piece of food from the very beginning of the game.

Of course, places like this are the attention of many gamers, so you have to parachute down quickly and accurately in these large locations, if you’re lucky, you will collect dancers. good temper immediately after hitting the ground and not having to meet the enemy team that jumped first immediately after. One advice for you is to skydive with your team.

But if you are new to the game or have a slow reaction to the enemy, then you should stay away from these locations, instead you should focus on the neighboring areas, in those areas you still will find enough items to fight the enemy, then you can infiltrate into “hot” areas.

2. Collect weapons as fast as possible

PUBG Mobile

The number one priority after touching the ground is to loot, you should pay attention to collect weapons first, then armor and hats, helmets and first aid items, because if there are no weapons to fight back , then the ambulance item is useless in this case as well.

Once you have found the weapon, give priority to the Rifle or Shotgun, if you are an amateur when playing shooting games on your phone, choose Shotgun, because this gun has a lot of damage when used. close to the target, and the rifle will be suitable when used at long range when there is a x4 or higher scope.

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Once you have the weapon in hand and then collect the armor to support, note that you should get the armor with a higher level to improve your survival rate. In PUBG Mobile, there is a gamer support feature that automatically picks up items, helping you to choose better equipment.

3. Precise sights

PUBG Mobile

When PUBG was put on the phone, the controls became much more difficult than when playing the PC version, now accuracy is now the deciding factor for winning the gunfights. live, of course, when playing on Mobile, you and the enemy will have difficulty aiming with perfect accuracy.

So if you are shot, do not panic, quickly move to break the enemy’s line of sight by jumping continuously or following zigzag, when you have found a safe hiding place, then focus on counterattack. . The party that collects better quality helmets, resuscitation items and especially has a longer-range viewfinder will easily win higher.

If you lack the above support items, you just need to find hiding place first, then retreat quickly, just apply zigzag run or jump continuously, the enemy will be very difficult to target. determined to you.

4. Always pay attention to doors

PUBG Mobile

The bum will never close the door when opened, this is a definitive sign that someone has been inside to loot things or may still be hiding in the house, so if you see the house If there is an open door, do not enter it without weapons in hand. Especially the Shotguns, they are extremely dangerous when used in such tight places.

One more thing to note is that windows, if you are hiding in a house and are in the last circle, you must listen and pay attention to all windows and doors, always give priority to the aperture. shotgun has 5 bullets or more. You will definitely dominate in cases like these.

5. Do not stand still while picking up things

PUBG Mobile

Here standing still while picking up items means you only pay attention to the items you are collecting if you just destroyed an enemy, then you will not pay attention to the surrounding things except the items. is now appearing in front of your eyes, this is like standing still for a free attack on an enemy if unfortunately someone nearby is watching you.

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Therefore, if you are noticing signs of enemies around, do not be too greedy but easy to be beaten, because you have created gunshots before, to destroy the enemy, but that gunfire is certain. many people will notice, so do not think that it is difficult for players to control on the phone and you will not be attacked, because if you become the target of many people then your chances of “cracking” will also will be much higher.

6. Always looking for a means of transportation

PUBG Mobile

Finding any car is fine, as long as you do not have to run, they are very important when traveling at long distances, of course you can still run into that but it will take a lot of time, not to mention you will Must use healing items if you are eaten by boron.

In addition, you can also use the vehicle as a weapon, just hit the enemy if you see them moving on the road, but if you aim to shoot on the car, it will be a very difficult plan, because Walking but aiming is already very difficult for PUBG Mobile gamers, let alone aiming when you are moving at high speed. Cars you can find often on the roadside so keep an eye out for those areas.

7. Focus on taking down attacking enemies instead of killing knocked out enemies

PUBG Mobile

When fighting with a team, you and your teammates are facing off against the enemy team, focus on those who can retaliate, instead of trying to destroy the knocked out enemy. They are no longer a threat to you when lying down, unless they are saved by a teammate.

8. Change broken armor

PUBG Mobile

This is something that few people notice while in battle, the broken high level armor is even worse protection than the low level armor intact. So exchange broken armor as soon as you find a new one, to see which one is better, compare the stats shown next to and choose the one with the higher stats.

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9. The gun must be always full of bullets

PUBG Mobile

Going around the map with a gun out of ammunition is very dangerous, it’s like you have just parachuted down the map with a steel lump in your hand, unfortunately here PUBG Mobile does not allow gamers to hold guns to smash, so at this point you will have to quickly find bullets around the map to reload your gun.

And one more thing is to make sure that the target in sight shoots, do not waste bullets when there are no targets around, especially when you are in a residential area or near any building because The probability of you meeting an enemy is quite high.

10. Do not try to fight while still low health

PUBG Mobile

This is something that every gamer knows when fighting, but you are not always in control when you go to war. “try to punch and eat sticky rice”, knowing that the enemy and I still have a small amount of health but you are subjective and want to destroy the enemy, while you cannot know that around you there are dangers lurking. Not to mention that you are not sure that the enemy has “run out” to counterattack.

The low health count means you will be more easily knocked out with precise shots, so heal as soon as the chance is given before continuing the battle, or make sure your enemy is hit. knock-out, you can check out the article PUBG Mobile: 6 kinds of props to help you survive longer to see what kind of healing items are.

Above are a few tips to play PUBG Mobile, mainly these tips help PUBG Mobile beginners to find the shortest distance to TOP 1. In addition to the above tips, victory is also based on the element of luck. as well as the ability of the player, and if you have not reached TOP 1 yet, do not be disappointed, try to play and gain experience, there will be times when you reach # 1 in PUBG Mobile. .

Good luck!

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