360mobi Billionaire Chess – The effect of equipment

Game dice 360mobi Co Billion Phu the system of equipping the character is quite diverse. Each item has different uses and effects for players to choose from. However, not everyone understands all about the effects of internal equipment 360mobi Co Ty Phu, the following article will introduce you in detail about the Equipment system in the game, how to use it, as well as the specific effects of each type.

Equipment in the game 360mobi Co Ty Phu

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This is the entire system of equipment in the game shaking dice 360mobi Co Ty Phu. There are actually different levels of equipment (levels A – B – C – A +), but in terms of overall effects the same, the only difference is the percentage of opportunities they offer. .

Effects of C-class cards

In addition to receiving high-level equipment from gifts or in-game rewards, players can also perform Card Enhancement to upgrade them.

Updated: September 28, 2018

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