PUBG has a new way to fight Hack, “pay off” 100 thousand accounts directly

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PUBG and the problem of Hack / Cheat is becoming a hot spot in the gaming industry at the moment, the reason for countless gamers to ask the developer to lock the China region to prevent the Hack account from flooding the World Server. Although the Deathcam and Replay mechanics are playing a big role in helping players spot the Hacker themselves, it’s not a direct way to solve this headache.


Developers still have to have a separate system to prevent Hack / Cheat tools right from the moment they start logging into the Server, not killing a bunch of players and then Report to be dropped Acc. In response to this extremely urgent desire of gamers, Bluehole said it is adopting a new way of fighting Hack/Cheat, allowing them to study data from more than 10 million different gamers. From these data, it seems that the development team has discovered a new Hack tool with a frequency of use up to 100,000 times, thereby allowing them to come to a decision to “death” the associated accounts. .


Bluehole said that the ability to detect the above Hack / Cheat tool is thanks to a combination of the basic detection system and the completely new method adopted by the developer. However, things will not stop here when Bluehole is still directing the Anti-Cheat Team to manually filter billions of game data, along with the task of developing a new anti-Hack tool to strengthen security. better game security.


Although this announcement shows many positive signs in the anti-Hack work of PUBG, but gamers are still continuing the pressure campaign for Bluehole to lock the China region. However, fighting Hack / Cheat is not the only goal that PUBG will aim for in the future. In order to improve the quality of the match, the game will also change the way Blue Zone works.

The three big changes of Blue Zone will be:​​

  • Slightly reduced Blue Zone timeout in mid to late game.

  • Slightly reduced Blue Zone’s board time in the mid to late game (Blue Zone moves at a slower rate so the total time from bouncing to stopping will be a bit longer).

  • Slight increase in ultimate Blue Zone damage.

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