PS5 stolen like Hollywood movie in UK

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Present, PS5 along with electronic items such as TVs or cell phones have become high-risk items as they are continuously stolen by gangs even while being transported on highways.

While the COVID epidemic still seriously affects the transportation of goods, buying a PlayStation 5 is quite difficult. Part of the difficulty is also due to the countless orders that have been placed by speculators eager to resell for a profit at a higher price.

According to The Times, there have been at least 27 cases of PS5 theft while the delivery trucks were still on the road. After monitoring the security camera, the British police were quite surprised when they discovered the extremely reckless move of these speed enthusiasts.

Specifically, the gangs used small cars, secretly approached trucks with PS5 transport on the highway, then one of the robbers clung to the back of the vehicle, broke the door with a crowbar or specialized tools and then smuggled the goods outside to his accomplices. When they finished taking the PS5, the thieves also took advantage of other items if it was convenient.


Photo from security camera.​

Police suspect that these gangs have inside hands at the shipping company, so they can get hold of the goods in the transport vehicles as well as the delivery schedule on the highway. Police say these gangs are extremely professional, they are not only reckless, carry out dangerous thefts expertly and smoothly, but also know the security procedures of warehouses and carriers. transfer.

In fact, most distributors or manufacturers’ warehouses are heavily guarded. So goods are most at risk while in transit, which is when they are least protected. Furthermore, the thieves know exactly which vehicle is carrying the PS5, so they certainly have insiders leaking inside information.

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