Pope of season 4: The pieces increase in value even though the purchase price decreases

The arena of truth Season 4 exists a relatively interesting “paradox”, that is, there are some chess pieces, although the purchase price decreases compared to season 3, but the strength is somewhat “superior”. Let’s have fun with Game over these “strange phenomena”.



Compared to the previous season, the price of Thresh has decreased from 5 gold to 2 gold. This is because this unit’s ability only works to create shields for teammates instead of dragging champions from under the queue like in season 3. However, the power of Thresh not at all diminished at all, but on the contrary, it becomes even more “scary”.

The explanation for this can be roughly understood as follows: Thresh in season 4 belongs to clan U Soul but the generals of this race will directly add to all allies the skill damage index based on the combo mark you achieve. At that time, this unit will create a larger amount of shields without equipment, combined with the system Pioneers for more Armor.



Like Thresh, to this season 4, the price of Lulu also “beat” down quite a lot from 5 gold to 2 gold. However, not so that the power of Lulu affected.

If in season 3, this champion owns a clan The universe with the ability to increase recovery, system Secret is the magic resistance plus many pet pet skills to help Lulu is considered a very strong champion in the late game.

Until season 4, this unit plays an indispensable role in the lineup Forest God – Mage when it is possible to protect the frontline, the rear cargo main force effectively.

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Although owning the price of 5 gold, but in season 3 The arena of truthJanna is almost exclusively used in the lineup Star Guardian – Witch.

Things are completely different in season 4, this unit has become much more “versatile” even though it only costs 2 gold, thanks to the new ability to buff shields and damage to low-health allies. Now Janna can appear in many different formations to help your main forces live much longer, while increasing the amount of damage they can do.

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