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Predict the golden faces that will make a difference in the Martial Arts Festival survival tournament

The Martial Arts Festival is the most anticipated fair-democratic tournament this summer. The “command card” through the gate of the Vo Lam Congress is the ticket to Thang Thien Lenh when the character is in the top 20 votes of the Summer Cooling event at each server. The ratio of 1:5 to enter the top 32 best players to participate in the next rounds makes many gamers from now on start planning to practice before G.
Let’s take a look at the golden faces that are expected to make a big deal in the Martial Arts Festival. Who will be the name to name the lord, holding the whole world in his hand?


Taking a look at the top 20 players with the highest votes in the Summer Cooling rankings, names like IWeixiaoo, Don’t beat counterdame, Doan Moc Thu, Little Angel, MuonsoAoNguc, aMyLovea, etc. are at the top of the list to send gold.


Considered a fair – democratic and survival tournament when players participate in the competition to bring equal items, victory and defeat are completely based on skill. With the fighting mode at the first door, players beat the odds in the same battle map. Nga My “long-hand” advantage – [SN].Holy.She, hallen or DeNhatKimDung and Wudang – Don’t fight counterdame, Thap Tam Nuong, American are the two sects that will dominate in the elimination match, because of their long-range fighting style, dodging attacks and good counter-dames with a “buffalo” HP tank that helps gamer have more time to score. However, with the last hit technique, Cai Bang, Duong Mon with the name IWeixiaoo, hoangchungkeny is expected to be the king of chaos if he knows how to take advantage of himself and make a move in the 89th minute.


The names of the Tieu Dao sect such as MuonSoAoNguc, Helix, Doan Moc Thu are formidable opponents when possessing an agile body, defense or attack are all sharp. Vo Lam and Con Luan, if they don’t control the HP tank, but first rush into the sea of ​​​​fire, no matter how big the dame is, they can’t stand 5 seconds of chaos and rain combo skills from Chuong Dragon to Huyen Thien Tam Phap, Van Kiem Quy Tong conquer the world of the opponent.
Each player of each different sect has their own advantages and disadvantages, but if you have a battle plan and solid martial skills, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unleash the silk.


The double-defeat format is a factor that makes gamers excited when the hero falls into the losing team and still has the opportunity to come back to create achievements. Therefore, if the melee factions have little land to use martial arts in the first round of chaos, but enter the 1vs1 category, then this is the hero of the day. However, knowing people who know us, hundreds of battles, hundreds of victories, gamers need to prepare themselves for the “recessed” moves, making full use of every second to bring about victory.


According to the flow of events, it is known that the martial arts competition arena in Unparalleled Pride 2 began to become more exciting than ever when gamers flocked to fight and practice before the day of the congress. Tonight (May 17), at Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2 fanpage, the livestream event of Gamers with love, flirting with admin will receive VIP code at 19:00. And tomorrow (May 19) the extremely beautiful, lovely but also very funny female streamer Mai Quynh Anh will turn into Thanos to challenge gamers at the new server Da Tinh Kiem, joining with the congress to create more playgrounds to play. Gamers build muscle, hone martial arts. These two consecutive moves are expected to be the first momentum for Big Update in the near future of Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2.

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