Hot Chinese game was accused of “robbing” by players, a set of skins costs up to 870 million VND

Recently, many Chinese gamers have had to complain about the price problem in the game Nhat Mong Giang Ho (also known as Department of Luu Huong) – MMORPG do NetEase develop. The cause of everything stems from the Nhu Mong Lenh skin in the game.​

Skin Like Dreams for Women

Nhu Mong Lenh is a limited edition skin that appeared in the open beta in 2018 of Nhat Mong Giang Ho, on August 13, after updating, the gaming community discovered that this skin was back but with an “expensive” price, even irrational. To own Nhu Mong Lenh, players have to spend 248,000 yuan (about 870 million VND), 20 times more expensive than before.

Many players expressed: They can agree with the price of in-game items, but only within a certain range because it is inherently a virtual item, not affected by market prices. An unreasonable price increase of 20 times like this is unacceptable. After receiving feedback from players, NetEase also clarified that players can use accumulated points to buy items, not necessarily using cash.​


But obviously this is just an irresponsible way of evading this game company because according to research, the accumulated points in Nhat Mong Giang Ho are obtained by using real money to exchange. Players need to have 2.48 million accumulated points to buy Nhu Mong Lenh, but ironically, even if they spend 240,000 yuan, it is unlikely that they will have that many accumulated points.

Not only Nhat Mong Giang Ho, many other games under NetEase such as Arknights also have an unreasonable increase in item prices, making players booed disgruntled. Obviously, this developer should consider more about the issue of balancing profits and interests of players so as not to affect the experience of gamers.

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