Play Together tips for beginners

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Play Together is a good simulation game, causing “fever” on mobile. Here are some Play Together tips useful for beginners.

Play Together Tips

Play Together tips for beginners

How to play the basic Play Together game

Play Together brings you a lot of interesting activities. You can do any task you love. However, you should focus on earning stars or coins to buy vehicles, home decorations and enjoy the game with friends. Play Together players can invite friends to house parties, explore the beautiful town on a variety of vehicles.

First play Play Together, you will be given a box house, which includes a bed and some basic items.

For earn money in Play Together, you can go fishing, attend classes, complete tasks or chores, or watch ads. You will make a lot of money for a beautiful house, great transportation and much more.

How to buy a house in Play Together

First, you need to go to town. You can easily navigate to the house by touching the right corner of the smartphone. At this point, a window will open on the side of the screen with a bunch of apps and options below. Touch Go Home in the lower right corner to visit the house.

Buy a house in Play Together

Move closer to the house nameplate and tap the house icon. As mentioned above, initially, you have a box house available that can be upgraded with money. When you touch the house icon on the nameplate, you will see the upgrade options with the corresponding price:

House icon on house nameplate in Play Together
  • Milk House – 14 Gem
  • Small House – 7,200 Star
  • Doll House – 9,000 Cash
  • Cuckoo House – 72 Gem
  • House with orange roof – 10,800 Star
  • Modern House – 21,600 Star
  • Magic Castle – 172 Gem
  • Dream House – 54,000 Cash
Dream house in Play Together

How to decorate a house in Play Together

Decorate the house in Play Together

Enter your house, tap the orange house icon in the upper left corner, and then tap the furniture store icon button on the right to see a list of Play Together home decor and purchasable items.

The house decoration in Play Together is similar to the real life. There is a home visitor counter that you can mount on the wall. You can add sofas, chairs or fish tanks to keep your fish in your home, and even design new nameplates, fences and floors.

If you have a pet, you can buy pet items such as baths, food, etc.

How to earn more Stars and Gems in Play Together

Besides performing tasks like delivering pizza, you have a few more ways to earn money and stars:

  • Touch Free Reward in the upper left corner of the screen. Get first free bonus and watch 30s ads to earn stars. You can also get Gems.
  • Complete daily tasks. Tap the pinned note in the right corner of the screen to join all the quests.
  • Play mini-games at Game Center.
  • Conquer achievements.
  • Invite friends to play Play Together game to receive Star and Gem.
  • Catch fish and sell them for Star.

Find and enter the Play Together coupon code

In the game Play Together, you can redeem Play Together giftcode for free attractive rewards. How to enter the Play Together code as follows:

Touch the game screen > Go Game Settings > In the menu support > Click Coupons. Enter the Play Together game code and press the . button Redeem.

Giftcode Play Together

You can get the Play Together code from the game’s official Facebook page.

Above is Play Together tips for beginners. Hope the article helps you know how to play Play Together more easily.

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