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iWin is a whole system of online games including chess, checkers, forwards, puzzles, phom… Anyone can participate by creating an account to be able to log in to the system and participate in online games on mobile phones. And now, we can play iWin on the computer using the Kemulator emulator

You only need a computer or mobile device to be able to participate in iWin to entertain and share information with friends. Here we will guide you to use Kemulator to emulate Java phones to play iWin on your computer, follow along.

play iWin game on computer bang kemulator

Instructions for installing and using iWin for Java

* For Android users: iWin for Android
* For iPhone users: iWin for iPhone

You need to prepare:

– Java emulator software on computer Kemulatoryou can download the latest version of Kemulator
– File iWin for Java, you download iWin.jar

Step 1: You proceed Install Kemulator, then start up Kemulator. At the main interface you choose Midlet already Load jar… then select the iWin.jar file downloaded above.

install iwin for java

Step 2: Create here you need to have a username and an account to log in to the system. If you don’t have an account, you can register right here by clicking Menu then select registration

install and use iwin for java

Step 3: After completing the account registration, you proceed to log in to the system with user and password registered above to log in to the system.

how to install iwin on pc

Step 4: After logging into the system you need to select server to participate.

install and play iwin on java

And from there you can join the games on the system easily.

Above guides you to play iWin games on your computer, similar to this you can also play Phong Van game on PC with Kemulator and many more games.
For those who want to play Android games on their computers, use Android emulators on their computers like Bluestacks. Emulator program Bluestacks help you emulate Android operating system to be able to play a lot on android phones, help you experience with a larger screen instead of a tiny screen on your phone

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