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iCa is the hottest addictive game genre today, with a simple gameplay and eye-catching graphics. iCá has the most entertaining nature to play today. And in this article will introduce to you how to install and play iCá on your computer.

iCa is the latest mobile game launched at the beginning of the year from the famous publisher Vinagame. The publisher owns many terrible mobile games such as garden in the sky or farmery. In there Rattan garden is a game suitable for all ages with eye-catching images and interface, simple gameplay that you should try.

play ica on pc

As mentioned above, iCá is a mobile game, so if you want to play iCá on your computer, you must go through an emulator on your computer. And Bluestacks 2 is the solution to the above problem. Readers can refer to how Install Bluestacks extremely fast and simple before downloading iCá to play.

Instructions to install iCa on PC, Laptop, computer

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks 2

– Download Bluestacks for Windows: Bluestacks
– Download Bluestacks for Mac: Bluestacks for Mac

Step 2: You can directly download the latest version of iCá: Download iCas right here.

Step 3: Double-click the BlueStacks icon to launch it.

play ica on computer

Step 4: In case you have not been able to download iCá in step 2, you can click Search as shown in the picture.

play ica on laptop

Step 5: Type the name of the ica and click on Search Play for ica.

play ica games on pc

Step 6: The results appear, select the best answer and tick.

play ica on pc

Step 7: Click Install to download and install.

Android laptop to play ica

Step 8: After iCa completes the installation process, click Open to start playing the game.

play ica on pc

Step 9: You can choose to log in with Facebook or zalo, or simply play right away.

play ica on pc

Step 10: The game has 3 game modes for you to choose from.

play ica on pc

Step 11: Go to the game and hunt mermaids.

play ica on pc

So we can enjoy the super hot fish game on the computer already, wish you success. Hope the article helps you. Also if you like the fighting genre, the legendary fighter is also a good choice, please refer to the article on how to play Legendary Fighter on PC Please.

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