CSGO Operation Broken Fang officially “on air”

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There are almost 20 days left until Christmas, but the gaming community CSGO This morning, I received an early gift from Valve. Broken Fang, the 10th Operation Pass of CSGO has officially “aired”. This gift even comes with a 16-second cinematic trailer. This is the first official Counter-Strike cinematic trailer in 8 years.

Awesome trailer:​

Broken Fang has added a new Retakes mode for all players. In this mode, three bandits will be pitted against four cops in 8 rounds, and in each round, a weapon will be selected from the loadout.

In particular, rich players who own Operation Pass will have an additional 5vs5 Competitive Ban Pick Map feature before entering the match. In addition, players will have access to Match Stat Track – a lot of useful parameters related to the match will be displayed plus Heat Maps to help players know their performance, thereby improving. My playstyle at Matchmaking.


Additionally, Broken Fang will feature 7 new maps and an Operation Shop, where rewards are purchased with Operation Stars earned for completing weekly missions. Operation Shop also has Graffiti, Weapons, Patches, Stickers,.. and Agents in the theme of a SWAT team and a criminal group called The Professionals.

Not stopping there, Valve first introduced to players a new 20 Agent system in which 2 female agents appeared for the first time, Dead Cow and 1st Farlow. Players can acquire all of these Agents by completing the missions of the Pass.


Selling price of Operation Broken Fang is 15.99 USD, equivalent to 355,000 VND.

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