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Passing 5000km to meet her lover through the game, the girl was proposed to after only a month of dating

The stories, love, friendship, and soulmate that cross the geographical distance in online games are no longer a strange thing, when people find common ground, the harmony in the soul and personality, the Falling in love with each other is also understandable. That’s why many young men and women have been married from here, even if they are thousands of kilometers away, North and South, or our two wests, but with sincere love and sharing, they Still trying to overcome together and write up beautiful love stories like a dream.

The couple in the story that Emergenceingame.Com shared in this article is such a couple, the girl Ha Ho and the guy Tan Le. Known each other since Martial Arts Mobile when both have the same state. The first time off state is also the first time the two meet. The girl crossed 5000 kilometers from abroad, and the guy also went to Saigon from Tay Ninh to leave. And it seems that love struck from that moment when the couple had happy moments together, the day the girl had to leave, both were attached and did not want to leave. And then, even though the distance was far away, it was impossible to separate the feelings they had for each other when the two souls were so in tune.​


“So you went to my state for a year. Since I came to your state, the rumor for me is not wrong, “going anywhere, going there”. I went to my state for 4 months, and my state disintegrated in tears. The first time I went off the state, I flew 5000km back off, and he flew from Tay Ninh to Saigon to meet me and not miss me alone, the two of us went to eat ice cream. The day you saw me off, I didn’t dare look you in the eye even though I knew you and I had nothing to do with each other but the Boss and the Elder. Going to and from the pool, the two of them talked all day on the phone without getting bored and confided, and then fell in love all the time.”


Their love story does not stop at long distance love or lightning love, but the “flowering” period is also extremely flashy. The guy proposed to the girl after only a month of love, and the couple finally officially returned to the same house in November after exactly 1 year of long distance love.


“Are you in love with boys, two months later when you come back, I propose to you. We’ve only known each other for 3 months, officially fell in love for 1 month, when we got home, the whole family repented, so we went to get married. November 8, 2017 I got married on the game, 11/12/1017 I officially followed the boy with the consent of the family.

But still have to separate because each child is different. Loved far away for 1 year, but the two of them have never argued, never been angry with each other, only knew how to cherish what they were together. That’s how love is, love it no matter what!”.


Stories like these are not rare in VLTK Mobile or any other online game today. There are even couples who have never met in real life. They know each other from the virtual world, share the same joys and interests, fall in love with each other. But not because of the distance that their love becomes less sweet and romantic. They still give each other their care, words of love, and gifts that prove their love, and walk hand in hand to a happy ending.

Finally, on behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as the VLTK Mobile community in general, I would like to wish the couple’s love forever as happy and strong as it is now!

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