Overwhelmed by the “great fortune” of more than 2000 comic books of her 9x

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The character mentioned in this article is her friend Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy (SN 1993) from Bac Ninh, currently living and working in Hanoi. The real girl is a comic fans genuine when owning in hand a “heirloom” of about 2000 books comic belonging to more than 100 different sets. There are names associated with the childhood of many young people such as Conan, Queen of Egypt, Doremon, etc. There are even popular names like Hitman reborn, Sailormoon, One punch man, 1/2 ranma , Death Note, Once piece, Sakura, Flame recca, etc. With this huge collection, Ngoc Thuy makes the online community extremely admired.


The special thing is, all of these comics were bought by a friend who worked part-time since her 2nd year of university to earn money. Buying a lot becomes a habit, becomes an addiction when it’s not good. So much so that I don’t even read it now but still buy it. “Some books bought for half a year are still in plastic wrap. Buying as a habit…” – Thuy shared.​


This hobby of hers, although not approved by her parents, even repeatedly voiced her advice because she thinks this is a wasteful hobby, but when her daughter is away from home, it is her parents who replace her. preserve them every day as well as create conditions for Ngoc Thuy to have her own space to display her “heritage”.


In order to have the collection of many people’s dreams like today, our friend had to spend not only money but also a lot of effort and time because finding them is not a simple thing. Simply have money to buy. According to Ngoc Thuy shared, she has to keep track of the release schedule of stories from publishers, pages that crush comic books, and also spends time on weekends to walk around second-hand bookstores in Hanoi to find them. Buy the missing books. That’s why, more than anyone else, she loves the comic books she has.​

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