Open Beta PUBG Lite launches new 4vs4 map?

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As you all know, PUBG Lite is a heavily reduced configuration version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that has been tested in many countries and is about to be officially launched, with the Open Beta PUBG Lite version. 4vs4 and many some new maps, new modes.

PUBG Lite developers then decided to extend the test phase across 16 countries, on July 3 PUBG Lite was finally released in India. The developers have announced many important things that make players PUBG Lite extremely encouraging.

Open beta pubg lite released because of 4vs4

Open Beta PUBG Lite launches new 4vs4 map?

PUBG Lite Official Open Beta

As we know, PUBG Lite is a project called Project Thai (representing Thailand). Therefore, the game was first released in Thailand to conduct testing. But now the developers have decided to make the game available to all countries and will not restrict the region’s access to the game servers. But PUBG Lite is still in beta, which means you may encounter bugs and glitches during the game experience. PUBG Lite has officially made an announcement on its Fanpage about the launch date of the Open Beta version on August 8, 2019.

Open beta pubg lite released to you due to 4vs4 2

Information revealed on the official Fanpage of PUBG Lite

Brand new map, 4vs4 mode

After the release information was revealed, players saw a lot of updates in the game. But a lot of people want something new and extraordinary, which makes the game more interesting. Keeping the user feedback in mind, the developers finally decided to release a new map in the game along with a new model.

Open beta pubg lite released to you due to 4vs4 3

Brand New 4vs4 Mode Launched During Open Beta

Talking about the new map, it is expected that Vikendi will arrive in the near future, but it has not been confirmed by the developers yet. The new 4VS4 mode taken from PUBG Mobile’s Team Deathmatch (team battle mode) features 4vs4 combat with unlimited respawns. This popular mode is known as Deathmatch Mode.

Where to play PUBG Lite? How ?

Currently PUBG Lite is in Beta testing phase, if gamers are interested and want to experience first, they can download it directly by following our link below. At the same time, right here there is also important information related to the game that readers need to know.

– Link to download Beta version: PUBG Lite Beta
Also a survival game like PUBG Lite, PUBG Mobile was developed specifically for Android and iOS mobile operating systems, the game has a fighting form that is no different from the PUBG versions on PC. After landing, the player must also carry out picking up items, using reasonable tactics to spend the chicken dinner.

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