One Piece was almost not published because it was rejected by the Jump editorial board many times

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One Piece is the set manga Japanese popular manga by Eiichiro Oda, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Very few long stories of Weekly Shonen Jump being able to publish so many episodes in such a long time, the editors hope too One Piece may continue to be extended the publishing period even longer.


However, there is a truth that few people know, that is the beginning One Piece was not taken seriously by the editor-in-chief, and even nearly lost the opportunity to publish. Recently, the first editor of One Piece – Takanori Asada revealed this secret in a TV show that surprised the fans. Unbelievable that there was once the possibility of never knowing such a good manga.

Author Eiichiro Oda

According to Takanori Asada, if a manga wants to be published on Weekly Shonen Jump must be approved by a meeting of the senior publishing committee. Which proposes to publish manga One Piece unfortunately got rejected 3 times in these meetings. At that time, editor-in-chief Kazuhiko Torishima (BTV of Dragon Ball) also expressed skepticism towards One Piece and thought that the series could hardly be successful. Finally, thanks to the fierce recommendation of Masahiko Ibaraki and Naoto Sasaki One Piece just allowed to post Jump. The first chapter prototype was originally the story of Luffy saving his village, but after three revisions, Eiichiro Oda decided to focus on Luffy’s plot from the start.


At the beginning of the publication, Oda met with editor-in-chief Kazuhiko Torishima and said: “If this series of mine is famous, please admit your mistake”. Although Eiichiro Oda and editor Takanori Asada are quite confident with One Piece, but there is still a thrill when the story is sold for the first time. So they sneaked out to the bookstore and saw who bought their stories. Later, at a party, the two meet again when One Piece has achieved great success. Oda reminded Kazuhiko Torishima of his old promise and Torishima officially conceded defeat to Oda.


It can be seen that each manga series is an effort of the author and editor to create a good work and be loved by readers. However, sometimes there are difficulties in the publishing process if you do not meet a publishing team with a good eye. Luckily One Piece was finally released. And it is publishing for more than 20 years that is the best proof that success will come to those who persevere, no matter how many times they are rejected, like author Oda and editor Asada.

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