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Tran Duyen is a role-playing mobile game of the first half genre based on the famous novel of the same name, the game was very successful in the PC game version and it was an opportunity for the developer to bring this game to mobile to reach many people. more players.


The plot of the game is based on the details in the small snow, the game applies advanced 3D graphics, each scene, each copy wears an irresistible beauty, a place for the fairies. Immerse yourself in every frame. Tran Duyen’s world is home to the three worlds of humans, ghosts, and gods, and there are more than 100 fairy and demon cards waiting for you to recover.


The game has three career systems, each career includes different male and female characters for the player to choose from. Besides the diverse gameplay, with a very rich BOSS fighting mechanism in each version, the guild system for players to freely participate, and above all, it is indispensable for extremely attractive Pk matches.


In general, Tran Duyen still has the basic characteristics of traditional role-playing games, the game stands out with its eye-catching graphics and captivating scenes, if you are a fan of long-time fairy games, this will is a next game for you to experience. The game is now officially available on all platforms, interested readers can download games follow the link below.

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