NiP qualified for the FACEIT London Major for the first time since 2016

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After losing to OpTic Gaming earlier in the Europe Minor semi-finals, some fans thought the Ninja boys would soon fail on their way to the CS:GO Major. This time, however, NiP fought hard and secured their first Major ticket in two years. NiP Faceit Major has become a reality.

Missed the PGL Krakow Major, the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major and the ELEAGUE Boston Major, which is a span of more than two years without a Valve Major. At NiP’s last Major, ESL One Cologne 2016, the team did not perform well and has had internal problems ever since.

Along with rivals Sprout, Team Kinguin and Red Reserve, NiP finished second in Group B with a 2-1 record. The team then advanced to the playoffs to face Denmark’s OpTic Gaming.

Although NiP fought to the 34th round to bring the series to the 3rd map, OpTic completely extinguished the boys at Inferno. This loss pushed NiP down to the losing bracket – just one more defeat and they will have to carry their suitcases and leave.

Sprout was the first stumbling block in the losing bracket – and unlike the previous encounter where Sprout won, NiP won this time and went further.

The final hurdle to getting to the Major is ENCE Esports. The Finnish team with young talent was a real threat to NiP, but Ninjas in Pajamas, with its previous confidence momentum, beat the first Overpass map in the 28th round. On to map 2 was Inferno, the game was completely tilted. definitely to one side. Ending with a score of 16-2, NiP once again appeared at the Major after more than 2 years of absence.

NiP will join OpTic Gaming as the European representative, to face the likes of Astralis, Liquid and in the New Challengers Stage at the FACEIT London Major, starting September 5.

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