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The reputation of the predecessors such as Asphalt GT2, Asphalt 6 and especially Asphalt 7: Heat has created a stepping stone for the “infinity” version of Airborne, taking it to a new level. Asphalt 8: Airborne is considered to be the most successful product in the racing game series for smartphones.

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If you are a fan of speed sports and have loved Asphalt for a long time, then this is the version not to be missed. The following article will introduce you to everything you need to know about Asphalt 8: Airborne – “super product” racing on mobile phones.

1. Gameplay

Racing games, of course the cars are always the main character, the focus of all attention. In particular, in this version, Asphalt 8 has up to 80% of the cars of the 2014 version (Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Ford Focus, Cadillac ATS, Nissan 370Z …). In addition, the presence of a number of names also attracted a lot of attention are Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, Lamborghini Urus and Infiniti FX50, Corvette C7 …

In particular, the A8 also has a lineup of Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning, Zonda R, GTA Spano and Lamborghini Sesto brothers … All are ranked from low to high (D, C, B, A, S ) and make their own judgments based on individual criteria.

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2. Race mode

If the previous versions of A8 have quite a few racing modes in Career, in this product, the manufacturer focuses on 3 main game modes: Classic, Knockdown and Elimination. Although the number is small, but not so that the attraction is reduced, the main highlight and also the decisive factor to the attractiveness of Asphalt 8, it can be said that in Infected – the game mode in which players will be “infected. and automatically explodes after a certain time. However, when contaminated, the player’s speed will always be at a very high level and can extend time by “eating” more nitro cylinders.

3. Differences

  • In each race, players have the opportunity to perform small tasks, to collect “stars” to unlock the next level.
  • There are no icons to make money, instead just nitro pots along the way.
  • To make the most money, players have to finish first, and perform driff, spin … tasks in each table.
  • Ghost – roughly understood as “racing with ghosts”. Asphalt 8 has upgraded to record the player’s “shadow” and put it in a mode called Ghost driver in the game to race and help players observe, change their race to match. .
  • The “anti-nose momentum” in previous parts, to this version, is also “released” into more advanced types such as limos, trucks, yachts or even spacecraft, rockets …
  • In A8, players can easily fill their nitro with driffs or roll around in the air.

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4. Car purchase support packages

With Asphalt 8, players have 2 ways to own these cars, that is to use: Hot deals or Early Purchase. Specifically:

Hot deals: Includes tiered vehicle packages with an ascending price tag.

  • Class D – $ 1.99: Including “delicious” cars of the Street class.
  • Class C: $ 4.99: The same is true, but are Pro cars.
  • Standard: $ 9.99: Each class (D, C, B, A, S) one vehicle.
  • Class B: $ 19.99: The car belongs to Elite (high-end).
  • Class S: $ 99.99: The most advanced package, including 7 cars in A, S (Supreme).

Early Purchase: Self-opening new season for $ 0.99.

In addition to how to make money that mentioned in the previous article (How to play Asphalt 8 never loses), Asphalt 8 players can also earn extra money by completing quests and performing skills in the medal system. This system is divided as follows:

  • Multiple Knockdown: 2 items
  • Knockdown: 8 items
  • Flat spin: 3 items
  • Drift: 7 items
  • Airtime: 5 items
  • Barrel Roll: 3 items
  • Race Result: 4 items
  • City havoc: 4 items
  • Traffic: 6 items
  • Bonus: 6 items

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6. The term of the mission in Asphalt 8: Airborne

In addition to the above, when playing in the new version of A8, you also need to remember and understand the new terms, as well as the names of the tasks in the game such as:

  • Barrel roll: Aerial rotation along the longitudinal axis of vehicle. Rush at high speed into curved skateboards scattered across each board so that the car flies into the air and spins one (many) circles in the air.
  • Flat Spin: Rotate in the air horizontally of the vehicle. In the post there will also be straight boards, we need to keep going there, when approaching, do a driff, then the car will fly into the air and spin, it is Flat Spin.
  • Perfect Nitro: When the nitro is full (yellow), you press the discharge 1 time, then a bar will appear (temporarily called the perfect line), when the nitro level drops to that mark, quickly rinse it again to reach Perfect.
  • Air time: The total time the vehicle is in the air (the wheels do not touch the ground)
  • No Week: No crashes (from the start of the race to the finish).
  • Knockdow: Other car crashes in the game.
  • Drift: If you do not know this, you have definitely never played a racing game.

It can be said without exaggeration that, Asphalt 8: Airborne has brought an image, a completely different concept of racing game on the phone. This is also a signal that opinions and feedback from customers have been absorbed and recorded by the company to create a new, energetic, colorful, attractive version from image to sound. .

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