How to play game Hello Guest to overcome all challenges

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Horror game Hello Guest Plunge you into confrontation with highly adaptable AI in situations that require stealthy action and filled with unique puzzles. To help you conquer this game, will guide you on how to play Hello Guest to overcome all the challenges in the article below.

Following the huge success of horror game Hello Neighbor, tinyBuild continues to expand its universe with the new game long awaited by fans, Hello Guest. Hello Guest plays you as a new night shift security officer at the abandoned Golden Apple Amusement Park. Your main mission basically revolves around protecting the park and all the property in it from looters and vandals.

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How to play Hello Guest overcomes any challenge in the easiest way

It sounds simple enough, but the presence of a mysterious guest constantly stalks and interferes with your work. What will you do to overcome all the challenges that surround you?

Hello Guest gaming tips overcome all the challenges

1. First day of work

First you need to go to the guard station for a certain period of time and answer a colleague’s call.

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You will see your assignment slip on the wall. Your task is to start the shift and examine the top of the hill. You bring a flashlight and a fire extinguisher. Flashlight is an essential item to patrol at night, catch vandals and drive away guests dressed in crow-like clothes that are stalking you at all times. Fire extinguishers act as jet backpacks, used to lift you up to high places.

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2. Explore the area above outside the guard station

After exiting the guard station, circle around to the back area and climb up a slope. Then, face the guard station and you will see a small staircase not connected to the ground, leading up to the upper floor of the guard station. You spray a fire extinguisher to go up this stairs and into the room.

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Here, there are many useful items to pick up such as light holders, fire extinguishers and one of the most easily overlooked items is the silver key lying on the floor in front of the red cupboard. You need to get the key to open the gate and the main door of one of the other places later.

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To prepare for the challenge ahead, in addition to a fire extinguisher and flashlight, remember to bring 2 cables and 1 gas cylinder to go to the next place.

In Hello Guest, you have two options for acquiring the necessary items for the puzzle task: risk finding things that you might need to use in the next puzzle, or working from shift to work. another shift and make money shopping.

3. Generator duty

On the next shift, go left after exiting the guard station to go back to the mud you met at the beginning of the game. Continue in the opposite direction until you reach a tall structure.

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Go up the long, dark stairs to reach the top, and you will see a room with locked doors inside. Unfortunately, the silver key you found earlier cannot be used here. To enter this room and get a generator, you need to climb down from the roof.

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At the entrance located at the top of the structure, you turn around and walk closer to the railing behind you. You will see the roof of the staircase you went up and you can jump to from your current position. The trick here is to climb onto the railing and it will be much easier for you to perform the jump.

From the roof of the stairs, head upwards to reach the roof of the room. You will see many holes to look down into the space inside that room. You go through the hole on the right of the roof and jump down, then get the generator.

Note you need 3 cables to perform the next challenge. Therefore, remember to visit the store to buy more if you do not have enough, and do not forget to purchase security cameras and camera viewing equipment.

4. Light puzzles and elevator wells

When the next shift begins, you need the 3 cables, silver keys, generator and light holder that you got on the upper floor of the guard station. When exiting the guard station, go to the top left and head straight towards the well-lit area with the locked gate. Use the silver key to open the gate and when going through the gate you can use the light holder to block the entrance.

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Next, you go up the stairs and unlock it with the silver key and go to the right side of the building to find sockets and switches, which serves as your next puzzle. With the sockets and switches on the front, turning a little to the left will see a set of light bulbs that act as puzzles to unlock the elevator doors in the building.

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Now, place the generator close enough to the sockets and connect all 3 cables to it. Turn on the generator, press the button marked as 1. On the left, you will see one of the light bulbs light up.

With the 1 to 4 sequence from left to right of the bulb and from top to bottom of the switch in front of you, you need to turn on the 3rd switch on the side to light up the 3rd bulb. Do the same for the 2nd bulb, which corresponds to the 2nd switch.

You’ll have to solve another light bulb puzzle to unlock the door above the elevator well and you’ll need to get a security camera, camera viewer and fire extinguisher for this.

5. The ultimate puzzle

Go inside the elevator and you will see an emergency exit above. You open it by throwing something heavy enough like a fire extinguisher at it. When the exit door opens, spray the extinguisher to lift you up, while stepping on the ledges that protrude from the escape pipe to gain momentum and continue upwards.

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From the first ledge, continue using the fire extinguisher to get momentum and onto the second ledge. Here, you will see the light bulbs. The next thing you need to do is mount the security camera above your head and point the camera towards the light bulb puzzle.

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You then jump down and back in where you solved the first light bulb puzzle. Remember to press the first button 2 to turn on the light bulb inside the exit where you mounted the camera earlier. Again, the light bulb’s sequence is random. So the only way to solve this light bulb puzzle is to follow the pattern correctly. After completing the puzzle, go back to the elevator exit, use the fire extinguisher to go up to the 2nd ledge. Here, look to the right and you will see a door. Continue using a fire extinguisher to go through that door.

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Once inside the room, you will see a few large windows in the upper left. Jump through the window and land, then you will see a path leading to the exit and you are done with your adventure.

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The above article has shown you how to play Hello Guest game to overcome all challenges. In general, you will focus on collecting the necessary items to solve the puzzle. To deal with vandals, you just need to shine light on them and chase them out of the park.
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