New Grand Master VNG: Xich Tong Toan Nghe, the legendary beast has appeared

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Weird Beast Red Tong Toan Nghe is one of the VIP red strange beasts that appeared in the new version of Hoang Kim Lenh that New Grand Master VNG just released not long ago. This is considered one of the legendary beasts when it has outstanding stats and extremely beautiful effects. However, in order to summon Red Tong Toan Nghe, the masters need to accumulate soul fragments through ingame events. Currently, gamers can lose to the ten souls of Xich Tong Toan Nghe through the Thanh Y Cac event taking place at the New Grand Master VNG.


Thanh Y Cac Events
Red Tong Toan Nghe
Qualities: Red – Rare
Skill: Wrath of Talents
After attacking, each hit target has a certain ratio and effect [Xâu Xé]sustain 1 turn
[Xâu Xé]: Take 1 time before each action turn, damage equal to 10% of your Health
Thien Phu: Ni Vu Duy Duong
During battle, do 2 enemies with the highest attack -20% damage


Sentiment Index:
Level 1: Base HP 35000, HP 15%, Base ATK 2000
Level 30: Base HP 139750, Health 47.7%, Base ATK 8255
Level 50: Base HP 236250, Health 77.6%, Base ATK 14025
Level 70: Base HP 332000, HP 106.8 %, Base ATK 197560

It can be seen that, in addition to the basic damage, Red Tong Toan Ni can also cause the enemy to lose 10% of his own Health, suitable for all formations. That’s why the VNG New Grand Master gamers are actively plowing the event to be able to collect and own the body of the Red Tong Toan Nghe.

Find out more information about the new VNG Grand Master at:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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