Net owner “plays” the most on earth, offers a huge reward with Iphone 7 plus for guests to come and play

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About a decade ago, net stores, play Station is an ideal destination for most students. But gradually back here, the explosion of smartphones and 3G makes it possible for people to access the network anytime, anywhere. It also means that the glory days of the net shop has ended.

In the midst of such difficult economic times, to retain customers is a difficult problem for any net owner, forcing them to think of all kinds of tricks, unique and strange business forms, even even “depreciating the market”.

Or attractive promotions – although the idea is not new, it is not a bad business trick, when the common psychology of all customers wants to enjoy the greatest possible deal. For example, a 50% discount on the value of the top-up card, a discount on golden hours or gamers can choose other super attractive combo packages.

Although the “dry blood” promotion programs are not uncommon in the past, but to the point of offering huge rewards for customers with Iphone 7 plus like the net owner below, it is really a boss who plays the most on earth. .


Looking at the long notice of the owner of the restaurant, surely many people will not be surprised when it is too “terrible”. In addition to Iphone 7 plus which is reserved for Pentakill (Challenge gank), Pentakill (Grand Master gank) will be given Iphone 6, PUBG solo 1 vs 4 swap to reach the top 1 or FO3 win 10 consecutive matches in the top 10 ranking as well. will be immediately rewarded with 2 million cash. Besides, there are many other promotional combos that are equally “terrible”. This net owner even took a picture of the reward as an illustration first.​


Indeed, this net owner’s willingness to play is difficult for anyone to keep up with, even the cyber games has never been so “dry” of blood, leaving many other colleagues in shock.

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