Mother warns of unexpected danger when calling child’s name while playing game

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The gamers here must have more or less used the voice chat feature to communicate with other players, especially in teamwork games like CS:GO. With the development of technology, especially smartphones today, voice chat has become easier, more convenient and more popular. However, according to the mother below, if you are not careful, this feature will also bring certain dangers.​


This is what the Japanese mother with a son in high school and a daughter in middle school shared on her Twitter recently. Her post immediately attracted the attention of the online community, many of whom said they had been in trouble because of this. Some Twitter users expressed: “How many times have I been called by my father’s real name, always afraid of being found out in real life”, “During voice chat in the guild, I was also called by my parents. real name”….


Many parents do not notice that their children are on voice chat, so they carelessly call their children’s names, which can help bad guys find out personal information such as school and address of their children. In recent times, there have been quite a few cases where the suspect took out personal information to force the victim to comply with their request, so it is better for us to be careful not to run into a dangerous situation. this is dangerous.​

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