Monster Hunter World: Tips to help you gain an edge in the hunt

Monster Hunter World is the best PC game masterpiece of summer 2018 you should not miss. At first glance, Monster Hunter World gameplay may seem predictable but not everything is that simple. Fights, quests, ingredients, and upgrades all spawn randomly. You have very little time to learn and combine them effectively in your adventure adventure into the world of Monster Hunter World full of exciting surprises ahead.

Monster Hunter World

Here are tips Monster Hunter World Help you to progress quickly as well as gain an edge when hunting monsters.

Try out a variety of weapons to see which works best for you

Monster Hunter World There are 14 weapons to choose from – from swords to bows, even bagpipes and insects – You should alternate them on early hunts to find the best and most suitable weapon. The game offers a range of weapons for “beginners” but no less powerful than others. It is simply easier to get used to and get started.

Whatever you decide, remember, you have a basic “Iron” variant of each weapon. Each “Iron” is easy to upgrade several times if you want to try something new after that.

Weapons in Monster Hunter World

Sharpen weapons regularly

Your weapon will be dulled causing the damage to decrease after a period of hunting. That was inevitable, but not immediately obvious. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the weapon power meter located in the upper left corner.

To sharpen the weapon, go to the warehouse (hold L1 or click the corresponding icon on the left, then move it left or right) and select Whetstone. It is always there. So you don’t have to worry about packing it up before you visit – just press Square (or X on Xbox) for animation. Ideally you should proceed to sharpen weapons when the monster distracts or, ideally, in a safe area.

If in the middle of a hunt and Scoutflies suddenly appear, the monster will run away a few seconds later. At this point, you can relax for a moment, use a Potion or Whetstone, and then it’s not too late to chase.

Sharpen weapons in Monster Hunter World

There are no character levels but a lot to upgrade

Monster Hunter World no character level hierarchy like other traditional role-playing games. However, it brings a lot of interesting upgrades to armor and weapons for players to defend and attack more and more strongly.

Clash of monsters – Whether it’s a hunt or simply finding a way – increases Ecological Research and score Research overall; Completed missions will increase monster rank (Monster Rank), allowing you to solve more difficult quests; level up both Palico and Tailraider while playing.

In short, the more hunts you complete, the higher the rank is, so you always feel like you’re headed for something, but weapons and armor always need repair to get stronger.

Monster Hunter World has a rich upgrade system

Complete two things before hunting

Before running into the wilderness in search of prey, remember to do two things:

  • Firstly, check the Supply Box to see if the potion is proficient, sometimes, it is necessary to choose the right equipment for the task.
  • Second, prepare yourself a meal. Unlike previous games, you can do this at camp once you reach the quest start area. This action will give you stat rewards, which can give you a real advantage in battle.
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While you can cook your own meal, if you want to make it easy, just choose the one with the stats reward you want (defense is always the best option for a new fight). Make sure you always enter the hunt with essential equipment such as Mega Potion storage, Antidote, Shock Trap, Tranq Bombs. After that, you can choose to capture monsters at any time – offering more rewards than standard skills.

Prepare before going hunting in Monster Hunter World

Scoutflies makes tracking monsters easier

If new to play Monster Hunter World, Scoutflies is really useful. It’s the green firefly trail that leads you wherever monsters are hiding. First, you need to move around, run around and look for signs to identify monsters – footprints, slips, feathers … – let Scoutflies sniff them. When the monster’s sign bar is full, Scoutflies will lead you to where monsters are hiding.

If you lose sight of Scoutflies, just open the map, move the icon to the lower left corner to tag it. You can also select non-monster items on the map to get directions to where they are located.

Note, even if you’ve upgraded some monster research and want to track it on the next quest, up to a certain research level, at first, you’ll still need a footprint – but the green trail will appear. shows faster than before.

Monster Hunter World has fireflies with friendly directions

Gather everything you see – even in a hurry

As you explore each region, you’ll come across a lot to research or collect – from footprints, slips, monster feathers to trees, mosses, and insects to dig through.

You will want to find out everything you see; extremely necessary markers for tracking monsters (even for creatures you are not tracking currently) and giving you easy Research scores; Ore, piles of bones unlock higher tree upgrades and always come in handy at some point in time. Any insect, plant or other consumer goods can be sold or made into useful things.

Monster Hunter World has a lot to offer and it’s great that you can pick up anything you want at a sprint. Even if you are chasing an injured monster or passing a few footprints, just touch Circle (or B on Xbox) you will collect it without having to stop.

Don’t be too nervous

Although you should grab everything, don’t worry too much about not knowing what to do with the widgets or instructions given by the game. Monster Hunter is filled with a variety of items and access systems – fish to fish, machines to craft, loads of ammunition to shoot, and experience bonus for everything.

If you feel overwhelmed, think of it as a traditional Skyrim RPG, where items and systems serve the “role” players want to choose – from cooks to professional shooters – but You are still free to refuse them if you do not like and can still receive what you want in the game.

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Just want to smash monsters? Choose your weapon, hoard the potion, choose the Assigned mission, and go. If you are interested in the mission or system, you can join immediately when you want to take a break from playing the main story.

Spend time with monsters

Although there are certain rules you will want to follow when fighting – to avoid having to deal with monsters from the front, keep on the move and remember that each has its own characteristics and rulership.

Each first encounter is quite comfortable in terms of timing, so take the chance to study the situation. Observe the enemy’s behavior and behavior from a distance to learn the best attack method before getting stuck.

Pretending to faint is an effective way of fainting from time to time, giving you a few more minutes of returning to a safe area. But, if you fail, don’t be too sad – defeat and success are both fun to play Monster Hunter World.

Don’t worry about having to raise monsters for ingredients to start the game

When you first set foot in the vast ancient forest of Ancient Forest, you should defeat and process Jagras into a basic armor, then find ore, piles of bones to upgrade weapons quickly and easily. Both are included in the standard quest, where ore and bones are the starting point of each weapon tree.

Basic upgrade keeps you up to date in the game’s second zone, Wildspire Wastes. Here, you will fight monsters that provide better ingredients.

There is no need to plow the main plot

Many monsters are spiky and really hard to beat. However, you don’t need to invest too much in quests or research if you want to conquer the main Assigned mission.

You should still keep upgrading armor, weapons multiple times, ore branches, bones allowing you to find crafting materials to upgrade, plus individual armor from smaller creatures. As long as you keep things up and running along the way, you don’t have to spend hours raising ingredients anymore.

Of course, if you need quick upgrades at some point, when defeating Assigned monsters becomes difficult, in the experience of veteran gamers, go to Smithy or consider raising monsters.

Mastering and raising a monster is astonishing reward

Either way, raising monsters in Monster Hunter World is really a fun task. Unlike Destiny, where the loot source is quite confusing, in Monster Hunter World, you just need to kill the creature to have the armor you need.

In addition, the process of taming monsters is really fascinating and will satisfy you. The new armor not only enhances defense, but also helps you disguise as the creature that created it.

Don’t just hunt monsters, take time to explore

Exploration allows you to enter any hunting ground. You just need to select the explored area from the World Map. They allow you to explore and find food at individual speed and earn extra quests like Grimalkynes.

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Monsters roam everywhere so you can’t predict which species will appear. Therefore, the most effective way to hunt for specific species is through Investigations (can be obtained from the Resource Center). This way the monster of your choice will be spawned, rewarding you with ingredients as a quest reward, and upgrading your Armor Spheres enhances the device’s power.

Monster Hunter World contains many different types of missions on the board and in the Resource Center for players to explore and conquer.

Use the little creature to your advantage

When fighting, you can interact with insects. They can give you health or trigger an effect if you touch them. For example, the Healer Vigorwasp is a reliably useful insect. You can kick the toads to make the monster stunned. Isn’t that great? That’s why there is no crime without using them to assist in the attack. Of course, when not fighting, you can also catch them.

Check to do after each task

Gradually progressing in Monster Hunter World, you will find it important to learn your to-do list after each hunt. Go to the Resource Center (to apply for new Bounties, Investigations as well as Complete Deliveries), see Smithy to find out if there are new ingredients that open up a new upgrade branch, mark any Question Marks on the map to select a quest new and regularly clean inventory to make sure they still have space.

Check out your to-do list in Monster Hunter World

Cooperate with friends

Hunting with 3 friends will sometimes help reduce the difficulty and loss of fighting. For example, when you are unfortunately stuck in the middle of the hunt, you can send an SOS signal to another player to ask for help, but it would be better if you team up to hunt monsters in the first place.

In addition, the combat also helps you learn tactics from your friends, increasing your chances of using more weapons. Sharing loot also does not need to be discussed. Everyone gets a fair prize and equally effective when you plow Monster Hunter World by yourself.

Play every day to get free tickets

Do not miss the opportunity to own a free Ticket by playing the game everyday. You only need to complete a selection quest to double the amount of (money) Zenny receives.

You have to collect them yourself by pressing Triangle (or Y on Xbox) in Astera to select it. Note, you can only hold 5 Tickets at a time – so use them often.

Get a free ticket in Monster Hunter World

Don’t over-customize the character

You can change the character’s look such as hairstyle, hair color, facial hair, makeup … anytime from the Item Box in your room in Astera. You can also get the Character Edit Voucher as a DLC, allowing you to change things as you like. But remember, only the first use is free, after that, you will have to pay an additional fee for character customization.

Character customization in Monster Hunter World

Hope the article is useful to you.

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