Monster Hunter movie trailer has just come out and has received a lot of hate from fans for this reason

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After so long of waiting, Monster Hunter – The film adaptation of the game series of the same name, has officially released the first trailer. With the presence of Milla Jovovichthe actress is so familiar with fans Resident Evil, the film seems to aim for the scale and quality of a true box office hit. However, when the trailer was released, Monster Hunter received tons of hate… mostly because of the integration of modern and even military elements into the film. And yet, the acting part also seems to be in the spotlight when there are almost only screams and simple reaction sentences, making the drama almost nonexistent.

But perhaps the biggest flaw that Monster Hunter film version encountered in the first trailer is the image of Milla Jovovich’s character raising an anti-tank gun to his shoulder and aiming at the monster Diablos. Although this is just an anti-tank gun with a normal scope, from where does a super modern electronic screen appear, allowing precise locking of the target’s head with computerized effects.

Rustic viewfinder…

Super modern electronic screen suddenly appeared….

The special weapon that Milla’s character holds in his hand is the M72 anti-tank gun and absolutely does not have any electronic devices or computer screens attached. The user simply looks through a physical viewfinder.

The grit is huge right at 1:40.

Indeed, just the opening trailer has encountered such a huge grain, I don’t understand when the movie is officially released, fans of the game series will still be disappointed. Not to mention the fact that the studio only shows movies in theaters during the time when the Covid-19 epidemic is still very complicated in the US as it is today.

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