Mobi Basketball: Dunkers go crazy with new players Guile, Sansa, Anne, Bat Gioi

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Basketball Mobititle sports games The brand new freestyle street that VNG has just released not long ago has created a fever in the hearts of street sports fans with its catchy and team-based gameplay, breathtaking fast-paced matches. , a massive skill set and a diverse player system. In particular, the event of launching new players every week always receives a lot of attention from the Dunkers.


Let’s take a look at the hot new characters that have just debuted this week.

Guile (Striker – Center): Guile after leaving the battlefield, was nominated by Jack, he fell in love with Street basketball and decided to pursue a career basketball this.


Guile has very prominent stats for both offensive and defensive positions. With 132 Rebound and 126 Blocking, Guile is truly a rock underneath the basket. In addition, the attack stats such as Basket Set or Jump Jump are also very impressive. However, the ability to run and dribble the ball is not so excellent.

Sansa (Main Striker – PF): Sansa is an international student from Siberia, everyone is amazed at her jumping and running speed.


True to the introduction, Sansa’s jumping ability and flexibility are unquestionable, with very even and outstanding stats in the dunk and jump. Sansa can play freely in the two-point area and can do a good job of intercepting and making up throws. Sansa’s only weakness is the three-point area and dribbling.

Anne (Extra Striker – SF): Business school students with blonde hair captivated many boys. Is a person who loves sports, especially street basketball.


Anne is an extremely agile and flexible girl, playing as a secondary striker, a very hot position in Mobi Basketball. Anne’s ability is 2 points and dribbling, along with her very good speed, Anne is really uncomfortable in the 2 point zone.

Eight Precepts (Defender Scores – SG): Nicknamed Bat Gioi, he loves basketball, likes delicious food and beautiful girls. Being a mysterious person, he also has a group of brothers and a mysterious master.


Bat Gioi has a particularly impressive stat for a scoring defender. His ability to throw 3 points and speed is unquestionable with an index of 138 at 3 points and 140 at running speed. In addition, when reaching level A, the Bat Gioi is unlocked with Thien Bong’s genius, which has the effect of reducing the disturbance of 2 and 3 point throws, when it is difficult to crash.

It’s too attractive, isn’t it, Dunkers, let’s quickly experience the new characters right away and don’t forget for Mobi Basketball, individual skills and team coordination are the main factors to victory!

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