What’s new in the Rules Of Survival update on 4/4?

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Rules Of Survival is constantly updating new features, big tournaments to enhance the player’s experience. The April 4 update opens new missions, new guns.

Rules Of Survival: Rules Of Survival

Also add features 4 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter to each match. Please follow the article below to understand the notable changes in the April 4 update:

Details of the Update Rules Of Survival on April 4

New content

  • On the quest for Limited Tear, upon completion of the quest, you will receive GP, Supply Ticket – Crystal.
  • Add new gun skins, and enjoy the fun “Water Festival”.
  • M32 gun added, picked up from the Supply Box.
  • AWM guns are no longer in the Supply Box, and can be picked up in battle.
  • Added Damascus Knives, picked up in match.
  • Add leaderboards and GP Battle battle page.
  • Add feature sharing charts.
  • Add the feature of 4 seasons for the context, each game has a different spring, summer, winter, to experience the season change feature, you need to reload new game, this feature cannot update the patch.

Damascus knives
Damascus knives

The M32 gun
The M32 gun

Seasonal scene "Spring"
Spring scene

Seasonal scene "Summer"
“Summer” season scene

Seasonal scene "Thu"
“Autumn” autumn scene

Seasonal scene "bronze"
“Winter” season scene

Experience optimization

  • Optimized low profile sound.
  • Add Doppler effects to the sound, increasing the efficiency of the sound while moving.
  • Adjust swimming parameters for the character, avoid hiding in the water.
  • Increased transparency for Safe Zone notifications, minimizing visibility.
  • Enhanced anti-hacking.
  • Optimized for taking up RAM.
  • When you bring guns with special skins into the preparation area, the guns will have ammo available.

Some editing

  • Fixed an issue where “Soul Player” was killed in the air after being destroyed.
  • Fixed crash bug when chatting in match.
  • Fix summary interface error when friends watch battle.

At 14h – 16h on 04/04/2018, gamers will be welcome to see the above changes. In addition to the PC version, you can also experience Rules Of Survival on the phone:

Rules of Survival for Android Rules of Survival for iOS

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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