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Up to this moment, no one is unaware of the “big family of crazy birds” Angry Birds – the game is extremely popular in the world. Currently, there have been more than 10 different versions of this game series that have been released to players, however, its heat and attractiveness has not decreased a bit. Let’s take a look at this game with, and specifically, Angry Birds Stella!

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There is still a sentence, “Master yourself, master the enemy”. That is the secret to being able to win a match, or a game. With Angry Birds Stella Likewise, only by knowing who the opponent is, how, or understanding the ability of each member of his team, the player will bring out the full potential of that member, and bring maximum efficiency. , win the battle.

Introduction and analysis of the members of the bird detachment “Stella”

First, it’s the pink bird Stella.

Learn about Stella's pink bird squad

Stella is the first pink bird you get when you start with Angry Birds Stella and can be considered as “captain” of the “pink bird squad”. Possessing a special power is Pink Flash (pink super power). Stella have Extremely flexible flight direction. Can jump from one position to another with extremely fast speed.

Small tips:

  • While playing, touch and hold your hand to lock the target you want to attack. Then release your hand, Stella will fly directly towards it with a tremendous force, enough to knock down even a large obnoxious green pig.
  • While she’s in mid-air, press, hold, and drag Stella in the direction you want to attack. After releasing your hand, you can zoom in (zoom) screen to see how Stella target attack.

Next, let’s welcome Poppy.

Learn about Stella's pink bird squad

“Golden Drummer” will appear when the player touches level 12. Even though it was fired, but Poppy can instantly stop in mid-air and descend like a violent tornado, shattering anything she touches. “Skill” it’s called Tornado Dive.

How to play:

  • Just click Poppy and hold on screen to select target after attack. When ready, release your hand and let tay Poppy Turns into a whirlwind, attacking opponents.

Third, Luke.

learn about Stella's pink bird squad

The only boy in the team will appear when you reach level 23. Luca possesses strength Soundwave Shock – a sound waveform can destroy glass panes with ease no matter how overlapped or thick they are. However, this power of Luca There is a drawback that the attack power is significantly reduced when going through wood, and will not be able to penetrate stone.

Game Tips:

  • Soundwave Shock of the Luca Completely useless against rocks, and only works best with visors. Please consider and remember this carefully to be able to use this boy or any member in the most effective way.

Let’s welcome the fourth member of the team, Willow.

Learn about Stella's pink bird squad

Stylish girl with the illusion hat will join the pink bird squad in level 34 looks gentle and lovely. But Willow possess the crazy power of the saw Vortex Spin. This skill allows her to curl into a super-fast ball and mercilessly tear her opponent apart. Willow really powerful, but also very difficult to control, because the orbit of Vortex Spin is extremely unpredictable.

Usage tips:

  • Touch and hold Willow let her aim at the position you want to attack. Then release your hand and let Vortex Spin do the rest.
  • This is the bird with the most unpredictable skill, the most difficult to use. So, you should try it out and get used to the controls Willow before using her in an official match.

And finally, Dahlia

Learn about Stella's pink bird squad

The only female scientist and the first of the big family of mad birds but it’s the last member to join Stella’s pink bird squad. It cannot be said too much that, Dahlia is the brain, and extremely accurate source of information for the team’s offensive operations. With the ability to understand science and technology, and own special power Science-Fu.Girl appear at level 47 This person has the ability to analyze the situation, make judgments and help other members get “logical thinking” and information about their competitors. Besides, Dahlia has another ability, allowing her to teleport forward in her orbit.

Game Tips:

  • Touch and hold the screen, locate the Dahlia will attack, thereby maximizing power Science-Fu by Dahlia.

Watch more clips of these members to see their abilities first-hand!

So I just introduced to you all the members of “pink bird squad” in new version Angry Birds Stella of the Rovio. From names, appearance times, to special skills, and tips to make the most of each member’s power. Hopefully with this guide, you will have more playing experiencei Angry Birds and can overcome the whole challenge with ease.

Wish you have moments of interesting entertainment!

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