Mega Man 11 – The latest game of the legendary Mega Man revealed!

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Just talking about Mega Man It’s just how many memories flooded into the minds of the old generations.. the generations where there were only old machines, odd silver coins playing outside the shop or going to the neighbor’s house to look. That’s why the image of a robot boy with a transforming arm that launches all kinds of warheads.. has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of each of us. And now after 7 years since the last official version was released, our Mega Man has journeyed back to the virtual world.


Yes, you didn’t get it wrong. Mega Man 11 – the latest version of the Mega Man Classic series, has officially revealed the first image in the announcement event of Capcom recently. And the first special feature that fans realize is that Mega Man 11 no longer has a classic style like its predecessor.. Instead, this super product has a modern cartoon style with countless eye-catching effects on the screen. 2D plane.


In fact, saying 2D is not accurate because all the models and scenes in the game are designed with 3D technology, bringing a vivid and unique combination in front of gamers. In the game, players continue to accompany the robot Mega Man on his journey against new enemies that threaten the very existence of humanity.


Through the trailer of Mega Man 11 we will realize the inherent style of Mega Man with extremely fast flying action and transformation on the horizontal plane. The ability to receive and use the enemy’s weapons or technology continues to strongly evoke old memories in the hearts of fans. Based on that, Mega Man also allows gamers to face many types of extremely special enemies, shown through the armor and new weapons in the trailer of Mega Man 11.


According to Capcom, Mega Man 11 will be officially released at the end of next year on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, ready to spark an extremely large-scale landing in the virtual world. All information about Mega Man 11 will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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