Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 becomes the hottest game on PlayStation in 2021

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is getting a lot of attention.

Unveiled at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase event taking place on September 11, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 quickly gained the attention of the worldwide gaming community when the game’s trailer revealed breathtaking scenes of the game. Spider-Man Peter Parker and Miles Morales as well as reveal Venom will be one of many new villains.


Accordingly, the trailer shows that our two spiders, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, are fighting to protect the streets of New York City. A mysterious voice came out, talking about finding a challenger. This voice is not identified in the trailer, but speculation suggests it could be the popular Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter.


The trailer ends with Venom (played by Tony Todd) accepting the mysterious voice’s challenge. The symbiote that turned Eddie Brock into Venom in the comics was revealed at the end of the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game. The appearance of Venom in the trailer is small, but it is enough for the worldwide gaming community and “Spider” fans to be extremely excited.

Up to now, after 5 days of release, the trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has officially reached more than 10 million views on PlayStation’s YouTube channel, nearly double the number of views of the God of War trailer: Ragnarok with 6.3 million views. This helps the trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 quickly become one of the game trailers with the most views today, proving how much the gaming community loves this “Spider” series.


Wolverine, the biggest surprise of the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event, only had a surprisingly low 2.5 million views, despite being considered by many to be the most anticipated game of the event. The trailer for Knights of the Old Republic also ranked 4th with 2.4 million views.

The trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man is not only the most viewed trailer at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event, but also the most loved trailer with more than 539,000 Likes on YouTube to date, far ahead of me. number 362,000 Likes of the God of War: Ragnarok trailer.

There is currently no information on whether Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on both Sony’s PS4 and PS5 consoles, and the game’s official release date. Sony just said that Spider-Man 2 is aiming for a release for its latest PS5 console at some point in 2023.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release in 2023 for PlayStation 5.

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