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PUBG Mobile gamer enjoys the most in the solar system, while playing and being fed by his wife…

When playing games, passionate and pursuing games, many gamers are distracted by complaints from their lovers or wives because sometimes they miss too much passion. Therefore, many stories of “crying and crying” come from here, many broken couples or family conflicts “the rice is not good, the soup is not sweet” just because the girls and the wives are not I can’t stand a guy who just plugs his face into the game all day.

However, this man is so lucky that he not only found a wife who is very sympathetic to his hobby but also takes care of, pampers, and feeds her husband every piece of food when he is busy. “plow” the game.


The image above was shared by the most influential husband of the solar system on the group PUBG Mobile communitywhich is also the game that the guy is playing, full of pride when he has a solid “rear” like this: “Rest assured to plow the top 1”.

Looking at the photo, it can be seen that the wife did not show any discomfort at all, even smiling and happy, making many people think that this is more like a mother taking care of her son. And if it is a wife, then this is indeed a very loving and pampering wife.


After being posted, this action of the wife received a lot of mixed opinions. Besides the opinions expressing admiration and envy for the lucky husband to have the most caring wife in this solar system, some disagree, even feel discontented: “Get up and eat right. After playing the king, he lost his face.” Or someone thinks that in fact, this couple is just “acting deeply” like that: “Wife, give me a meal, just take a picture, then turn off the game and change the baby’s diaper right away”, “That’s it.” It’s just the first picture, the second one is a bowl of rice or a bowl of noodles that’s warmed to the face.” But according to the husband boasting, because I was too busy playing games, shooting all day, my wife felt sorry, so she brought rice to feed her.


Whether you agree or disagree, it cannot be denied that this wife truly deserves the title of “wife of the year”. It really takes a lot of love for her husband to be able to take care of her husband to such an extent, even though he is engrossed in some virtual game!

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