Logitech Gaming Software User’s Guide

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In order to be more optimized for Logitech gaming devices, Logitech manufacturer encourages users to use Logitech Gaming Software, Logitech Gaming Software is the software that helps users of Logitech products get the best running ecosystem.

Just like many manufacturers of gaming accessories for computers, also known as Gaming Gear then the accompanying add-on software is indispensable because without it the “Gear” will not be able to promote its full potential. Using Logitech Gaming Software is also how you can take advantage of all the features of Logitech Gears including keyboard, mouse, headset or even speakers.

use logitech gaming software

Logitech Gaming Software User’s Guide

Note before installing Logitech Gaming Software:

Logitech Gaming Software is exclusive to Logitech Gaming Gears, so only Logitech gaming models are compatible with this software.

Other types of devices from different brands or from the same brand but in the low-end segment are also not supported by Logitech Gaming Software.

Step 1: Before using Logitech Gaming Software we must have this software on our computer first, click here to download Logitech Gaming Software about your computer.
Step 2: Proceed to open Logitech Gaming Software and install it like normal software. Here you just need to press next Let Logitech Gaming Software automatically install it on your computer.

use logitech gaming software 2

Step 3: After the installation is complete Logitech Gaming Software please proceed restart the computer required by the software for the system to complete this installation.

use logitech gaming software 3

After the installation is complete, we start using Logitech Gaming Software with the most popular device being Logitech’s computer mouse.

Use Logitech Gaming Software to set up the mouse

Step 1: In fact, users can use automatic mode, but if you want the settings according to your preferences, Taimienphi.vn recommends you should not leave this mode for the best user experience.

use logitech gaming software 4

Step 2: Click on the Logitech mouse icon first, and together, set the DPI and buttons currently available on your mouse. In this example we are using the Gaming Gear G402, one of the most popular mouse lines today.

use logitech gaming software 5

Right in front of you is the DPI adjustment interface with The minimum is 400 and the maximum is 4000 on this mouse.

Step 3: Go to the next step, let’s use Logitech Gaming Software to assign the shortcut function of the G402 by pressing that key and then selecting Assign is to be.

use logitech gaming software 6

Step 4: If you remove the shortcut for that button, right-click and select Unassigned.

use logitech gaming software 7

Step 5: If you want to set the LEDs for the components equipped with the mouse, please click bulb shaped part right next to the mouse icon.

use logitech gaming software 8

Step 6: A menu panel pops up here that will let you choose the brightness or customize the light time with Lighting Sleep Timer. With some mouse lines, the color can also be adjusted if it is of the RGB type.

use logitech gaming software 9

Step 7: For gamers, create a separate Profile for yourself by clicking Automatic Game Detection right at the home screen interface of Logitech Gaming Software.

User guide using logitech gaming software 10

Step 8: Here you have the right to select and assign any keys and mouse functions to your liking. For gamers, this is an inherently familiar job, so it is not difficult to use Logitech Gaming Software to adjust.

use logitech gaming software 11

Step 9: Once the setup is done, remember to press on the + . symbol Above, here will let you name Profile and depending on your liking and naming to make it as easy to remember as possible.

use logitech gaming software 12

2. Use Logitech Gaming Software to set up the keyboard

Step 1: In addition to the mouse, the keyboard is the second device that users often use, you can see. First tap on the icon keyboard with WOOD to be able to set up the Logitech keyboard.

use logitech gaming software 13

But before that don’t forget Click on the + . sign on the keyboard interface to create yourself a new profile.

use logitech gaming software 14

Step 2: Here you can click on any key and assign a function to it with Assign New Command or cancel it with Unassign.

use logitech gaming software 15

Step 3: If you want to calibrate the keyboard to play games, click on the keyboard icon next to the led light adjustment. Here you can disable all unnecessary function keys from F1 to F12.

use logitech gaming software 16

Step 4: Most of the current mechanical keyboards support Led, so users can adjust them when using Logitech Gaming Software by tapping the light icon.

use logitech gaming software 17

Here you are allowed to adjust the color as well as adjust the style color display depending on what your keyboard supports.

use logitech gaming software 18

The above article is a guide to help readers quickly use Logitech Gaming Software to set up their Gaming Gear. Hopefully through the above guide will help some Logitech fans understand more about Logitech Gaming Software.

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