Lo as far as Sony, trademark one circuit from PS6 to PS10

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Machines Playstation of the Sony always in the top of machines console Most loved by players. It is not until 2020, that Sony’s latest generation console is officially released, but that can’t stop the giant from taking a step ahead to secure the brand for its products in the future. According to Gematsu – a Japanese game news website, Sony has recently filed a trademark application for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, PS10.​


Of course, this does not mean that Sony is working with console hardware from PS6 to PS10, of course they cannot have the technological vision until decades later to develop their system right now. , even development PS5 has not yet entered the final stage. But that’s okay, Sony likes to do it to ensure the future does not dispute copyright with anyone.

This kind of trademark security remained a regular legal action by Sony throughout the development of PlayStation:​

  • PS (trademarked in 2000, released in 1994)​

  • PS2 (branded 1999, released 2000)​

  • PS3 (branded in 2005, released in 2006)​

  • PS4 (brand in 2006, released in 2013)​

  • PS5 (branded in 2006, released in 2020)​


Back in the near future, Sony’s development team is focusing on completing the PS5, recently the devkit images of this console have also been revealed, somewhat making gamers even more curious. about the real look of the PS5. According to sources, Sony will announce the PS5 during a special event in February 2020 and bring the console to players during the holidays.​

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