List of popular FIFA Online 4 (F04) shortcuts

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→ Move player. Ctrl + → One-touch catch or long push. Q + → Stop the ball and look at the target. E + → Speed ​​up, run fast. E + any arrow key opposite the direction of movement Stop the ball suddenly. C + → Keep the ball, control the ball in the foot. Shift + → Perform the technique of evading people, turning the ball. C + E Face the dribbler. S Short pass, header. A Long pass, cross, header, long throw. W Slots, throw-in. EASY Shot, volley, header, shot, close throw. Q + L Hold custom shadows. OLD Hold the ball and cover it (the player will have his back to the opposing defender). Q + EASY Prick the ball, hit the ball, bounce the ball over the goalkeeper’s head. Q + W Scholarship slot. Q + WILL Low range slit. D + EASY Low shot, low header. D + S + → Pretend to shoot. A + S + → Pretend to pass. Z + W Turn on the wall with teammates. Z + A Passing. Z + WILL Pass the ball low. C + WILL Surprise pass. Hold down Z Technical line. A + A Low cross. Q + A Cross the ball fast. Z Require to be supported. E + C Cancel. Z + EASY Cut the heart, spin the shot (shot with the inside cheek). C + EASY Sudden shot, quick shot.

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