List of fake Facebook icons

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In this article, will share with you a list of fake, fake or appropriate Facebook icons for you to troll your friends online. Using these Facebook icons will help you create impressive comments and messages for viewers.

Currently, it is common to post status and comments on Facebook of friends with fake Facebook icons. Today, will share with you list of fake Facebook icons help you quickly choose a super cool, unique icon to send to your friends.

Lovely, funny Facebook icons, emoticons are being used a lot, so you can easily see them when you glance at the newsfeed. However, to make your comments and posts more interesting and impressive, you should use fake Facebook icons. These Facebook icons will help you troll your friends instead of having to write a long paragraph. In addition, you can use icons to express your mood when texting, chatting or commenting on friends’ posts…

Check out some crazy Facebook icons

list of facebook icons bugged

What stretch1

list icon facebook cover 2

I can’t believe it.

list icon facebook cover 3


list icon facebook cover 4

Oh yeah…

list icon facebook bugged 5

Why haven’t we come out yet?

list icon facebook cover 6


list icon facebook cover 7

What do you want?

list of facebook icons bugged 8


list icon facebook cover 9

Let’s say it again!

list icon facebook cover 10

Do you want to be informed?

list of facebook icons bugged 11

You’re crying, what are you looking at?

list icon facebook cover 12

Watch me proof!

list icon facebook cover 13

Dad is mad!

There are still other unique Facebook icons you can download Here

To make the conversation interesting, posting status on the social network Facebook is no longer boring, Facebook has released a series of Facebook icons, in which the fake Facebook icon is also used a lot to troll friends.
Surely, when using these fake, fake Facebook icons, not only you, but your Facebook friends, also have to laugh when you see this funny, cool Facebook icon.

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